New relationship forum.... The main subject people like to read about and write about on boards is their own or other peoples' relationships. If they are going through a difficult time they love the idea that others will be there to listen and understand and maybe also give advice. There are times that we all go through where we feel alone and sometimes if we are struggling to come to terms with an awful situation, bad news or a tricky decision, feeling trapped or simply lonely we need to turn to someone. You can do this here. But you can also use this place to find a new friend. Someone to meet up with or write to, all for free. Just go to

The fact that we all have computers now makes it far easier for us to keep in touch with others but while it makes the World smaller it can also make us lonelier. I know of several people who spend all day every day on their computers and never go out and never mix with people even though they are physically fit and nothing prevents them from leaving their house other than free will. In their own way they are quite lonely yet they could, if they wanted to, go out and mix. If it is because they are very shy then their computer is their answer and a forum might give them exactly what they want. It can also help people to come out of their shell and become more chatty and more used to people in a safe way. Anyone who has an anxiety problem or a social phobia may find it is easier to relate to others that way than to go out and talk to them face to face.

New relationship forum.

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