Every day thousands of citizens become inmates in our countries county jails. They are put there for a variety of crimes, some minor and others quite severe. While these inmates may or may not belong in jail, their families and friends are the ones who are also suffering to the absence of their loved ones.

When someone is incarcerated, they are more than likely to have a bail amount that can be paid in order to be released from jail. Bail amounts can range from a few hundred bucks to thousands and thousands of dollars. Most of the time, it is extremely difficult for the inmate, friend, or family member to come up with the amount of money required to release a particular inmate.

This is where bail bonds agents come into play. Bail bondsman are used to basically reduce the amount of bail that needs to be paid, as long as the inmate follows through and goes to court. Friends and family turn to bail bond companies in the hopes of paying around 10% of the bail amount to give their friend or family member a loving hug as they come out of jail.

The problem that we are seeing, is the amount of bail bonds companies that have sprung up across the United States. Which one do you choose? It’s almost like choosing which church to join. Some are bogus, treat you bad, or will even swindle you. While others will treat you well, and actually help you out during the rough time your experiencing.

A new resource has been launched online that actually helps inmates, friends, and family find the resources they need for any county jail across the USA. The website – www.JailResource.com also has a simple form on every county jail page where a visitor can simply enter their name and phone number to be connected with a verified bail bonds agent. The difference between doing this and going to your local phone book, is the fact that the bail bonds agents found through the JailResource.com network have been verified and are genuine with their customers.

This has created a safe way for connecting those who need a bail bonds agent, and those bail bondsmen who actually want to work with genuine clients.

About the Company
JailResource.com is the largest county jail and bail bonds informational website on the web. Featuring an online jail community for inmates, friends, family and bail bonds agents to connect with one another, share their stories and help each-other out through the rough times they are going through.

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Brandon Swenson is a professional writer in the bail bonds industry.