Bank recruitment has always been a tough and stringent procedure. The banks have adopted a strict policy which selects a limited number of highly capable individuals out of the thousands who appear for the exams. However, it has been noticed, that some candidates, due to lack of a few marks, lose the chance. It is a loss not only for the candidate, but for the bank as well. IBPS, Institute of Banking Personnel, an efficient autonomous organization has introduced a viable strategy to solve this major problem. It has introduced the CWE in 2011 for recruitment into the posts of bank po and other clerical posts. It will be a large scale recruitment programme which would include 19 most renowned public sector banks of India.
The post of bank po and clerk is high in demand. Due to the nature of work they involve and the salary they offer, most of the youth is inclined towards them. This also means, a large number of aspiring candidates for a single post. Due to limited number of seats, from all those thousands of candidates only a few handful of candidates are selected. Many candidates consider it an unbiased selection procedure and hence lose hope and do not try again. In such a situation, the bank loses the chance of recruiting many capable individuals who have talent and skills but were sidelined due to lack of opportunity. IBPS has been following the activities and problems in the banking sector for some years. It is an organization which does not confine itself to the recruitments. It makes sure that all the needs and demands of its clients are met and also promote the growth of the banking sector. Therefore, it had been working on a solution that is profitable to both ends. A viable solution was found through the introduction of CWE in 2011. It is a common written exam for the posts of Bank PO and Clerical posts. These posts were chosen due to their high demand amongst the public. Candidates on a large scale would be recruited and if any vacancy arrives in the banks involved, these candidates would gain direct entry to the interview round.

CWE which would be conducted in 2011 will give all the aspiring candidates equal opportunity. It will also ensure that the banks do not lose on any capable candidate and also recruit high quality candidates. Such large scale bank recruitment would also increase the reputation of IBPS and the banking sector; and would attract more people.

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