I find it very interesting that a study was done in Africa that helps to add one more intrigue about the ability of plants. Plants that were given to us by the Great Creator… and in Native American lore, all plants and everything else has consciousness.

In South Africa, there has been a great drought and many of the farm’s animals are searching for food. One of the only plants that have survived is the acacia tree because it has so many thorns.

But the Kudo (A Large Deer Like Animal With Long Horns) love to graze on the acacia and have been thriving. But in some farm’s there are too many Kudo and all of a sudden many Kudo started to die… and no one could figure out why.

They Ran Some Tests

Then, one scientist decided to take a look at the acacia trees on farms with lots of Kudo and on farms that had a moderate amount of Kudo. And he did chemical tests on the stomach contents of the Kudo and found large amounts of tannins which are normally not a problem for the Kudo… but in large amounts those tannins are toxic.

What They Found

What they found was… that acacia trees in ranches which had little grazing the acacia trees only produced small amounts of tannins. But on farms where there was a lot of animals and the acacias where acacia trees were starting to die because of overgrazing… there was a large amount of tannins in the acacia tree leaves.

What the Scientist Felt Was Going On

The scientist felt that the acacia trees were trying to preserve their numbers. And gave out a gas that told the nearby acacia trees to produce more tannins to prevent overgrazing by the Kudo.

So it seems that the acacia trees have an interactive process of working with its environment and helping to preserve the acacia tree numbers for future generations.

Another Tree

Also, Oak Trees when there are other trees starting to grow too close to them… the oaks give off a toxin that kills the other trees… I find this all very interesting.
Perhaps plants do have a type of consciousness.

As it says in all the spiritual texts—- Everything is Alive and Conscious!

But are we conscious enough to open our minds to this?

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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