“There is a New Study University Showing that Our Brain is Wired for God”

This is a very interesting study at the University of Pennsylvania, they took average people who believed in God and those who not have any kind of belief system.

Then they taught all of them meditation by concentrating on their breathing and being at peace. This is the simplest form of meditation and anyone can learn this way of breathing in and out and being at peace.

Next, they gave these people a specific radioactive dye that would show up on brain scans and then they did normal brain scans.

Following that, all the participants did meditation while they did scans of their brains.

The Results Were Amazing!

Those who had some kind of belief in God, the Universe, and the Great Spirit had increased activity in their prefrontal cortex.

While those who did not have a concept of something bigger than themselves did not have increased activity in their prefrontal cortex.

I find this very interesting… because it seems we are totally hardwired to have a belief in something bigger than ourselves. We find peace knowing we are part of something bigger than ourselves and our brains change because of this.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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