Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are constantly facing many changes in nearly every field. From social distancing rules to new work from home service, several changes are taking place at this time. Immigration Services in Australia also made few changes to cope up with the new normal. Considering the gravity of the situation, the authority decided that these changes are necessary to stay safe from the virus.

As traveling increases the risk of getting affected by the Coronavirus, Australian immigration and visa authorities have put certain restrictions on migration and availing of visas. The Department of Home Affairs has decided not to allocate nomination for skilled visa subclasses 491 and 190. For this, a major number of states and territories have closed their migration programs. Australia skilled immigration in Darwin also closed all migration programs until further notice. Due to the Covid-19 issue, the government has delayed the date for the federal budget of 2020-2021, which will be formulated and announced in parliament in October 2020.

It is expected that Australia’s overseas migration intake will shrink by more than 80% this year. It will occur due to the worldwide bans and restrictions on travel as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The nomination programs of the Victorian government’s state will remain temporarily closed as the government will wait for the allocation of nomination by the Commonwealth Government. Meanwhile, nobody can apply for certain state nomination skilled visas like Skilled work Regional (provisional) (subclass 491) Visa and Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190) visa. There are restrictions on business visas as well. You cannot apply for business visas like Business Innovation stream (subclass 188A), Entrepreneur stream (subclass 188E) (provisional) visa, etc. Migration programs in other territories like Tasmania, Queensland, and West Australia will also remain closed until further notice is being issued. Visa services in Northern territories like Australia skilled immigration in Darwin will also do the same. It is likely to be announced that priority will be given to the occupations that are in demand during this pandemic e.g. medical profession, trade workers, etc. As per the latest news, no extra visa implication charges will be implemented. But if you pay the application charge via credit card or Paypal, a certain surcharge will be added.

Thus, Australia skilled immigration in Darwin and other Australian state and territory governments are bringing in certain changes in their immigration and visa system to handle the crucial pandemic situation.

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