Starting April 8 at 7 pm EST, I will be hosting "Doc Wellness Webinars." These highly informative, interactive calls will feature the most prominent questions and topics from the world of Natural Medicine. During each 60 minute call, Dr. David Orman will present cutting edge information, including answers to your question.

Session One will be: Strengthen Your Spleen - Improve your Body Shape, Energy and even Income

Description: When you alter the energy flow through your spleen, you influence everything associated with the material world including short term memory, the shape of your body, digestion and even the flow of money.

You can influence the flow of energy to this organ and when you do, opportunities and resources increase. Learn how to do this by using certain herbs, acupuncture points, foods and more safe, powerful and natural means.

Date: April 8th, 2014

Time: 7pm EST. Can't make it? No problem. A replay link will be available for you.

Cost: $10

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Why You Need This. . . .

This is the first in a series that will feature very specific measures to improve your overall health, wellness and life in general.

You need this now more than ever. With the serious questions involving health care, obesity a major problem and the economy in tough shape, here is your chance to make the needed changes.

When you strengthen the Spleen, what can happen?

The body's natural shape comes to the forefront
Digestion improves
Memory improves
Anxiety is reduced
Immunity is improved
Your relationship with money even improves.

You will learn specific foods, herbs, acu points to massage and more, will be go a long way in helping you achieve those items listed above. . . and more!

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