So, have you made your resolutions?

Everyone I know is making them. "I'm going on a diet", one friend has proclaimed...for the 3rd year in a row.

"I'm going to save some money", another friend has stated, one who has been known to shop 'til she drops.

The thing with resolutions is that they have no meat! They are wishes, and only stated as resolutions. Noone really intends to carry through with them and usually by the end of January, sometimes sooner, they fall into those places of the mind where we store unfinished business. It's a place we don't like to visit too often, and so as time passes we conveniently forget. And that's fine because to remember just makes us feel bad.

The words "I am going to..." carry no power whatsoever! Talking in the future tense cannot move the universe's energy to assist us because Divine Intervention only knows the "NOW".

If you have read my first eBook, "The Art of Singing" you already know this. In the guided meditation I give you, you see that what we are creating is a visualization of what we want this very moment, not tomorrow or next week.

So, when you make your "resolutions" to practice more and pursue your dreams of singing and making it in the music biz, try writing them down in the present tense.

"I am a singer! I know it's my destiny to be successful. I practice every day, and the Divine Spirit that runs the universe is right this minute working to give me my heart's desire! I am confident that as I continue to work on my dream, it cannot help but materialize for me."

Something like that, but using your own words and feelings, repeated daily for several minutes at a time, will produce remarkable results. See how much more powerful "I am" sounds rather than "I'm going to"?

This is known as the "Act as if" method. And trust me on this, students. IT WORKS! Happy practicing!

Part TWO
So as the new year begins, you're probably getting ready to create your resolutions list. You remember that last year your resolutions were no different from previous years and looked more like the every-day "to do's": start working out, lose weight, save money, etc. But what if you made a resolution to really give yourself a gift? A gift of confidence and joy, a gift to make your heart smile?

For all of you who read these newsletters and articles from me, but who have never really gone ahead and made the committment to your vocal aspirations, I say, put your singing at the top of that resolutions list!

The world has changed so much, hasn't it? And we all need to tap our inner strength just to get from one day to the next. Some people shop to feel good, others drink or eat, or gamble, or get massages and make-overs. Why? To feel better, stronger, more confident! And to attract good attention from others and feel their love.

For me, singing is kind of meditation, even a prayer. When I do it, I feel close to the source of all things, and connected to the universe. How 'bout you? Is it just a whim? A wannabe? Or is singing as much a part of you as your arms and legs?

I am making changes to our site and creating new instructional videos to address your singing issues. You may check out the existing videos at my YouTube Channel,, and remember, it has been discovered and written in a variety of health magazines that singing imporves breathing in patients with COPD and other respiratory problems AND singing can also alleviate pain as the singing of notes travels on the same neuropathways as pain messages to the brain. Imagine! Singing can reduce physical pain. and anyone...yes ANYONE can sing, and I can show you how...
Have a wonderful 2011, and thanks for coming to my page.

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50 years of singing and entertaining others.
35 years of teaching young and old, professionals and amateurs alike how to use singing as a way to EXPRESS rather than IMPRESS, UPLIFT others rather than PUMP up the self, SHARE rather than HIDE, and mostly to bring JOY to oneself and those within earshot.

Fiorello Laguardia High School of Music and Performing Arts - 1958
Bachelor of Music Degree - Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY 1962
Master of Music Degree - University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL 1969
Graduate Studies in Education 1979-80 - Arizona State University, Mesa, AZ

Traveled with big bands, Tommy Dorsey, Harry James, Si Zentner, Les and Larry Elgart.

Recorded and Produced 3 LP's of standards and original songs

Starred in and musical director of "Hello Dolly" in Community Theater in Portervlle, CA.

Musical Director of several Community Theaters in Central California 1990's
Director of Sweet Adeline Singers in Visalia, CA - 1990's

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