Now that you have landed on this page it is clear that the title has attracted you and you want to stay back in New Zealand after studies.
This article will focus on what you can do in New Zealand after graduation. This will give you a broad idea about what is the process to be done with the New Zealand Student Visa if you decide to stay back.

Options and procedure to stay back in New Zealand
After the completion of studies for someone who wishes to stay in a beautiful place like New Zealand, by applying for a particular visa for work in the country for staying there after graduating. It would be easy for the international students to get a work visa to stay back in New Zealand as there are plenty of work opportunities in New Zealand. Related to the subject of study the international students in New Zealand who have completed their education from New Zealand can gain experience in the country about different careers.
New Zealand has many different immigration policies who are looking for a way to stay in New Zealand after the qualification of their studies which particularly includes a certain post-study way of working for the international students. For the students who need to find a working environment and land on a job in the country this pathway that we are talking about is of a guaranteed help. Along with the much-needed work experience in in New Zealand in your study field you also to stay in New Zealand as well.
The application procedure for a work visa in New Zealand is pretty simple in New Zealand as compared to rest of the overseas education destination. It’s just that you need to fulfil the New Zealand Student Visa Requirements and you are totally good to go.

During this COVID-19 time the New Zealand Government has eased out a few visa norms for the international students. Read on to know more.

Student visa changes to support essential services

To help out the international students in New Zealand the Government has relaxed few visa conditions for a short to work in essential services:
Students currently will be able to work for more than 20 hours in certain circumstances like listed below who are employed in an essential services role, or by supermarkets or the healthcare sector.
• You will be able to work longer hours while New Zealand remains in Alert Level 2 and for 6 weeks after that if you are already employed in an essential services role
• You will be able to work more than 20 hours for the period 3 April 2020 to 3 July 2020 if you were employed in an essential health worker role (including aged residential care) on 3 April 2020, in order to support the public health response to COVID-19. This includes aged residential care and applies to interim visa holders who immediately prior held a student visa.
• As the students must meet the study requirements of their student visas they will need to discuss these plans with their education provider
• A request to vary your visa conditions must be made by your employer; there are no fees or levies payable for a Variation of Conditions under this special category.
• You cannot apply for a variation of conditions if you hold an interim visa.

COVID-19 wage subsidy for international students

• To support employers and their employees affected by COVID-19, the New Zealand Government has a wage subsidy available
• International students are advised to check with their employer whose visa allows them to work in New Zealand and whose employment has been affected by COVID-19 whether they are eligible for a wage subsidy

In New Zealand some students get to work for a period of four years too and might get a residence as well, if you are lucky.
Hope this article was useful in regard to post study work options and visa.

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