One of the steps to follow to study in New Zealand is to apply for a student visa. These are the step-by-step procedures you must follow to obtain a New Zealand student visa.

New Zealand is an independent island country in study in new zealand the southwest Pacific Ocean. The country geographically comprises two large land masses: the North Island and the South Island, and around the 600 smaller islands. New Zealand is located about 1,500 kilometers (approximately 900 mi) east of Australia through the Tasman Sea and approximately 1,000 kilometers (approximately 600 mi) south of the Pacific island areas of New Caledonia, Fiji, and Tonga.

For international students who wish to undergo their university / college education in New Zealand for a period of more than three (3) months, the candidate must acquire a New Zealand student visa. This visa is granted to students study in new zealand who have already been accepted for a study program. University of New Zealand / College, which has also been approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

Meanwhile, the education provider must also be approved by the New Zealand Ratings Authority or the New Zealand Ministry of Education.

This New Zealand student visa is also applicable to students who have been offered a place in an approved student exchange scheme. This New Zealand student visa is also applicable to any student studying remotely with any New Zealand education provider who needs to come to New Zealand for practical study, to sit for exams or meet other requirements and must remain for more than three (3) months in New Zealand.

New Zealand Student Visa Application

Step one (1): go through a counseling session

First, you are expected to undergo an advisory session at the WSF by contacting our team of professionals to learn about your options related to study destination, available courses, and recommended institutions for your study.

Step Two (2): Apply for Admission

After making your choice, you have determined what and where you want to carry out your study, our team of professionals will help you complete the application to the institutions of your choice.

During the time of the New Zealand Student Visa Admission Application, you will be required to submit numerous documents, including evidence of previous academic qualifications, evidence of your command of the English language, documents related to work experience and a copy of the passport .

Likewise, we will make available a checklist of the documents that you must provide when the time comes to apply for your visa. The average processing time to obtain the admission letter is between 1 and 10 days, depending on the institution and the course. Therefore, please wait for your offer letter to proceed to the next step of your New Zealand Student Visa Application.

Step three (3): Perform medical checkups and CCP
Once you have received the offer letter from an institution, you will need to undergo a medical examination by one of the New Zealand Government approved physicians.

The complete list of New Zealand Approved Panel of Physicians. It can be found by clicking this link>.

Our support in our office will help you get an appointment with the panel doctors. At the same time, you must request your police authorization certificate. This can be purchased from the SSP office or the passport office.

Step Four (4): Visa Accommodation
To submit your visa application for the New Zealand student visa, you will need to submit the documents described in the checklist provided on the New Zealand immigration immigration website.

Regarding your finances, it is highly recommended that you can take advantage of the FTS (Fund for Transfer of Funds) offered by ANZ bank.

The benefits of using the FTS are:

Guarantees that the student will have access to sufficient capital to cover the cost of living in New Zealand
Applications submitted under this scheme will not undergo in-depth background evaluations, which will reduce processing times.
Step Five (5): Pay Tuition Fees
After submitting your visa applications, and once we have informed you that you have received the "Holder Approval" of your visa from the New Zealand Government, you will be required to pay your first year (1st) tuition fees as mentioned in your offer. letter

You can choose to pay this fee through Telegraphic Transfer (TT) at this stage; Students using the FTS must also transfer the contribution of their living expenses to their ANZ bank account.

Step Six (6): Result of the Visa
We will inform you as briefly as we discern the result of your visa application so that you can come and collect your passport. In the most important cases, this is a positive response and means that you can also start planning your trip and accommodation for New Zealand.


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