At present, New Zealand is one of the highly admired study destinations in the world. Intuitively, students from all parts of the world of it desire to take up higher education there. The most vital information that one needs to know before going to a new country is related to the visas that is offered by the country to international students.
This article will brief you all the study visa related information an international student would need, to go to study in New Zealand.

Types of Student Visa in New Zealand
There are 3 types of New Zealand Student Visa offered by the country. Go through them below to know which Visa suits your condition best.
1. Fee-Paying Student Visa New Zealand
If you are pursuing a course which require more than 3 months and is a full-time course and is ready to pay the entire cost of the course, then this education visa is right for you.
2. Exchange student visa New Zealand
If you have a place in an approved student exchange scheme and are looking forward to pursue higher education in New Zealand for more than three months, then this visa is for you.
3. The Foreign Government-Supported Student Visa
If you have a foreign government’s loan or scholarship and are looking out to pursue full time studies in New Zealand, then this Visa is apt for you.
Make sure you fulfil all the New Zealand Student Visa requirements irrespective of whichever Visa you fit into.

New Zealand Student Visa Interview Questions
A student may be subject to a telephonic visa interview taken by the Immigration Officer. The interview is the final stage one has to go through before the visa is processed. Here are some of the questions one is likely to be asked during the telephonic interview:
• What is the purpose of your visit to New Zealand?
• What is the program that you are going to study?
• Why have you chosen this course?
• Why have you chosen this particular University?
• Please tell me about your previous education.
• Why have you chosen New Zealand as a study destination?
• Where you will be staying in New Zealand?
• Do you know about your work rights?
• Who are your financial sponsors?

New Zealand Student Visa IELTS Requirements
For a student visa in New Zealand there are certain requirements for the IELTS.
• Diploma courses - 5.5 bands
• Full-time bachelors and masters - 6.0 to 6.5 bands

New Zealand student Visa Processing Time
The processing time has to be considered and planned accordingly before you take up a decision of studying in New Zealand. Approximately the processing time of the NZ Student Visa is twenty working days. Whereas the skilled immigrant visa takes less than 3 weeks, the student visa takes a little longer.
Well, this was all about the student visa for New Zealand. To know more about the New Zealand
Study Abroad Student Visa you can visit study abroad consultants and keep following this space as well.

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