We have much for which to be grateful, so very, very grateful, as this New Year ushers in a new decade. Whatever we decide our future will be, it WILL BE. And whatever we choose to be, WE WILL BE. So let us make these intense times a pivotal point in our own individual evolution and choose to become all that we CAN BE.

Life is changing. Life will never again be for us as it was in the past. We are now creating our personal and collective future every single moment of every single day. Our true challenge is to REALIZE that we are creators of our future and that we are so most effectively when we live with full conscious awareness, in the Now, the Present Moment.

As we make New Year resolutions let us make one major one. ‘This year from this moment onwards and always, I am happy in my heart and joyful in my soul’. After all, is this not what we all want more than ANYTHING ELSE? To be happy? Of course it is. So let us build our confidence in our ability to create and flow joyful happy thoughts whenever we want them. Happy thoughts bring happiness. It is a simple process.

Think happy thoughts and you will automatically flow high vibration happy emotions. From these powerful emotions, joyous feelings will flood into your experience. Happiness is an inside job. We alone create love, joy and happiness within our heart and mind. Outside conditions and triggers can simply add intensity to your already present inner emotional joy. Never expect another to give you what you alone can gift to yourself.

Through the universal Law of Attraction, we will find we meet others with similar vibratory light resonance. We will attract who and what resonates with our level of awareness and desire for evolutionary growth. Through the hundredth monkey theory, our happy thoughts and abundance manifestations will impact many others and collectively, we will leave our old ways behind. Our new and higher vibratory light will preclude existing at our former low level vibratory rate. The beginning of the new era of peace and happiness on earth has begun, and we are intrinsic to its unfoldment.

Yes, as this new decade begins, we have so much for which to be grateful, and we have a future beckoning to us, of happiness, love and prosperity. It begins in your thoughts, dear friend. Monitor your thoughts daily, many times a day. When you notice negative, sad or fearful thoughts invading your mind, set them aside. Tell them they are no longer welcome. And immediately think of something that brings you joy. It may be a simple memory of your pet sitting at your feet gazing into your eyes with total trust and joyful expectation, or a memory of a wonderful sexual experience, or some other special happy memory of choice. Whatever thought generates joy for you in that moment, think it. Be in joy and you will create more of what you are thinking. This is a simple and yet profound process. And this is how we are building our bright and happy world: day by day, thought by thought and brick by brick.

May this decade bring you all the joy and happiness you desire and peace and advancement to our beautiful planet.

Author's Bio: 

Marie C. Barrett, is an author, teacher and holistic life coach. For personal coaching to discover real joy, go to www.holisticwealthcreation.com. Follow at www.twitter.com/holisticwealth.