Have you ever found yourself getting really excited about something new that you wanted to do? Been really excited about doing it? Felt like you can make it a great success?

And then, suddenly, out of nowhere, you found yourself having second thoughts, doubts, and fears? Thinking thoughts like “I can’t do that.”, “What was I thinking?”, “I can’t be successful at that.” “I’m only dreaming, it’s not real.” “What will my family and friends think?”, “Better not try that.”, “I am being stupid again.”, or worse. Thoughts that stop you in your tracks and make you want to quit or change your mind?

It’s not uncommon. There is a science behind why and how this happens. Our subconscious mind is always on the alert for things that do not match the old patterns and beliefs already stored in its data bank. When you encounter something new and unknown, your subconscious mind goes into a kind of state of shock and the decision making process that follows will always attempt to pull us back into our known and safe comfort zones.

These old self-images and beliefs have been there for a long time and guide your behavior and decision making. They mostly remain hidden so you don’t even know they are there until something new comes along. Then your subconscious mind will try to reject the new experience and return you to the known and familiar. The mind isn’t trying to be difficult, it has just been programmed this way in order to maintain your safety and survival.

Giving in to this old programming will keep you thinking negative thoughts, which, in turn, will cause negative vibration, keeping you from being able to allow the new positive thoughts and experiences you desire to flow into your life. Remember, Law of Attraction says what you think about becomes Vibration which in turn attracts like Vibration, either negative or positive.

So, how do you get past that old programming? Try these hints and see if they don’t help.

The first thing is to recognize what is happening. Look closely at the thoughts that are arising. Analyze them with you conscious mind. Are they real concerns or just the old messages from your subconscious making their appearance?

One clue is the sudden shift in your thoughts and feelings when nothing has really changed. Another clue is that these are the same negative thoughts that you have heard before when you tried out something new. Just realizing what is happening by itself can help get you back on track.

Deliberately and consciously begin replacing those negative thoughts with any positive ones you can manage – even if they are small ones at first. Keep reminding yourself of the positive aspects and rewards of following through with your new goal. This may take some effort but keep at it and soon you will see results.

Get practical support from others. Talk about your concerns, get another perspective, find someone who can be there to offer help and support as you make progress with your new goal.

Take small steps of action. Get more information, do more research, ask more questions, whatever it takes to help you begin to move forward. Get practical facts to help you analyze the situation on a rational level.

Be patient with yourself – it may take some time to get past these old fears. But don’t give up. If it’s a goal you really want, keep moving toward it. This will help to overcome those old belief patterns and replace them with new positive thoughts and self-image that will attract more positive vibrations into your life.

The science behind how the mind works in these situations can be studied. It is said that knowledge is power. You can learn about and master this science and use it to make your life the successful and abundance attracting life you desire and deserve to have. There are resources and tools available to help you learn about this and to be a successful winner in the game of life. One place to begin your journey to mastery is this great mind science course by noted author Dean Whittingham, check it out here http://liveinfreedomtoday.com/?p=1243.

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Author Bio:
Jane Carlton is an author and publisher living in Oregon. For many years, she has studied and investigated the areas of self-improvement, personal development and spiritual growth. Her website at https://www.liveinfreedomtoday.com is dedicated to supporting seekers of all types in their search for wealth, growth, happiness, love and freedom, and in creating harmonic wealth and abundance in their lives.