New Years Resolutions, for most people, are forgotten quickly. Most of us have trouble following through with the promises we make to ourselves each year. However, there are ways to create stress-free New Years Resolutions that work.

Why write Resolutions?

When you write a New Years Resolution that you actually follow through on, you will accomplish two things. First, Resolutions force you to look at the things you want to change and requires you to set goals. The second is the benefit of reaching that goal and feeling a sense of pride for doing so.

So how do you write New Years Resolutions that you'll keep?

First, be truthful with yourself. Set goals that you know you can reach. Don't set a goal to work-out every day if you know that you won't be able to accomplish that. Sure, it may sound like a great resolution, but if you can't attain it then you're only setting yourself up for failure. So be realistic.

Second, be unique with your Resolutions. Search your own life and your own unique circumstances to find the things you really need to change. There are some standard New Years Resolutions out there (you know what they are) that many people try to achieve each year. Some of us even have the same Resolutions every single year. Dare to be different and pick something that will uniquely benefit you.

Third, don't go overboard. Set one or two really great Resolutions. If you go too far and set too many goals, it's more likely that you will be unable to follow through on any of them.

And finally, follow-up regularly. Don't allow yourself to forget about the promises you've made. Write reminders on your calendar to evaluate how you are progressing. Ask yourself what you can do to stay on track or get back on track. Ask yourself if your goal needs any adjusting to make it more attainable.

New Years Resolutions are simply goals. They need to be nurtured and acted upon. Setting goals or Resolutions that you know you can't or won't follow through on can cause you additional stress or a sense of failure. So take them seriously. And there's no need to wait for the New Year to get started, you can resolve to make yourself or your life better all year round.

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