Delhi is the capital of India and considered as the most populated city. There are several reasons that why Delhi is always in the news. The first and foremost reason is that it is the capital of India so it is obvious to come in international and national news. The major question that remains perplexing is to decide language of news as Delhi population is educated so they can understand English news but Hindi is our mother language so it is an moral obligation that Delhi news must be delivered in Hindi majorly to preserve our values. Additionally, there must be more other news channels could be from any language whether it is Maharashtra news, Punjab news, Haryana news, Rajasthan news or other state news.

Maharashtra news surely highlights the traditions, incidents and issues of the Maharashtra. Moreover, it is the good step taken by the media houses to double their readership or viewership as well as audiences will get more focused news. However, this strategy wills benefits majorly to the audiences as they can easily raise their issues regarding their locality. Regardless any community and caste news channels provide news without any prejudice or bias so that audiences could get appealing and accurate news. delhi news would surely get more attention due to the importance of this place from all perspectives. However, each single state would also be covered by the media professionals such as India news and others.

Delhi news comprises of all incidents ranging from streets to the parliament house. Delhi is flooded with the imperative topics that could lure media professionals to cover such as political gossips and major decisions of the parliament. Mostly Delhi is famous for the political aspects. When it comes to Maharashtra, it has huge geographical area including districts to cover. Thus, there are multiple factors to be considered while selecting and editing the news. Media personnel take care of the language and make proper balance between the Hindi language and other language news. It is quite vital that Hindi language must be prioritized in India. Next, most of the people in rural areas only can understand Hindi. Thus, news channels must provide India news, Punjab news, Haryana news, Delhi news and other state news in Hindi. Overall, it is the best way to increase audiences as well as satisfy the quest of the people without any kind of trouble to them.

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