Gervais Group - Industry News by Gervais Group LLC: Having visitors arrive at your site ready to purchase the product or service you’re offering is the ultimate aim of your search engine optimization efforts. In many ways, getting traffic is easy; it’s getting the traffic that ready to buy that takes a little bit of work.

One of the immediate issues you’ll face is that there are other websites that desire the same thing, also known as competition. Getting ahead of the other guys is key, and here are five tips on how to do it:

1) Know your niche – Your typical buyers are going to be much more likely to buy from you if they see you as an authority in your niche. Being able to speak as an industry insider will build the credibility and trust you need and go a long way towards getting conversions.

2) Know your prospect – What problem are you solving and how is your ideal prospect searching for the solution? Knowing the search terms your prospects are using, especially when they are ready to buy, can put you in position to make the sale.

3) Create and distribute articles on your niche – Targeting your prospects using articles on niche related topics can put you in front of an extended audience. Informative articles build credibility, authority, and inbound links from the article to your website. While most article directories frown on selling in the article body, they provide a “resource box” which allows for a brief pitch and links to your site.

4) Build inbound links from authority sites. Inbound links from article directories are one way of developing links but you’ll need more to get to the top of the heap in your niche. An easy (and free) way to develop inbound links is to comment on relevant blogs while providing a link back to your site. Make sure your comment adds value to the conversation so it isn’t considered as spam. Spammy comments are usually moderated out or blocked entirely.

5) Get your website optimized. With all the work your doing to create authority in your niche and drive traffic, you don’t want to lose them once they visit your site. Present a professional and informative site while following successful SEO protocols and the arriving visitors will stick around and buy from you.

Getting ahead of the rest of the competition in your niche by employing these tactics can put you in the position where visitors want to buy from you.

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