After the launch of anionic surfactants in previous month, Alfa Chemistry recently announces that it will start to supply cationic surfactants, another type of the most commonly seen surfactants, for customers both at home and abroad.

Having excellent fat dissolving properties, cationic surfactants are often used in detergents as cleaning enhancers, while in fabric softeners they usually serve as antistatic agents or finishing agents. Some cationic surfactants even have disinfection function due to their biocidal properties.

“If we use chemical structure as criteria, cationic surfactants can be divided into amine salt type, quaternary ammonium salt type, and heterocyclic type,” says one of the senior scientists from Alfa Chemistry. “Through the concerted efforts from the science community, the application potentials of cationic surfactants have been intensively explored. For instance, they can be used in the textile industry as fabric softener, in the metal industry as metal corrosion inhibitors, in the paper industry to combine with fiber to improve the strength of the paper and the retention rate of the filler and fine fibers. Moreover, cationic surfactants also play an important role in the coating, oil and water purification industry.”

At Alfa Chemistry, hundreds of high-quality cationic surfactants are now available, either to help facilitate relevant research or to support manufacturing projects. Below are just some of them:

Triethylmethylammonium chloride (CAS 10052-47-8), Benzyltrimetylammonium hydroxide (CAS 100-85-6), Decyltrimethylammonium chloride (CAS 10108-87-9),
1-Dodecylpyridinium chloride (CAS 104-74-5), Lauramidopropyl trimonium methosulfate (CAS 10595-49-0), Palmatine chloride (CAS 10605-02-4), Benzyltriphenylphosphonium chloride (1100-88-5), Styrene methyltrimonium chloride crosspolymer (CAS 11041-12-6), Bleomycin (CAS 11056-06-7), 1-Dodecanaminium, N,N,N-trimethyl-, Thiamine HCl (CAS 1967-03-8), bromide (1119-94-4),Tetradonium bromide (CAS 1119-97-7), Steartrimonium bromide (CAS 1120-02-1), Quaternium-11 (CAS 1399-80-0), Cetylpyridinium bromide (CAS 140-72-7), Ethyl green (CAS 14855-76-6), etc.

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The importance of surfactants lies in the fact that they are an indispensible part in the manufacturing of our daily products such as detergents and textile. Having observed the great potentials of surfactants and also having noticed the growing demand for them, Alfa Chemistry now provides a full range of affordable, high-quality and reproducible surfactants for scientists who are involved with surfactant research or for industry manufacturers who need a reliable source of surfactants.