Unlike many technological games which keep changing with time, baseball bats have not changed since 1846 when the New York Nine won the game against the Knickerbocker 24 to 1. The baseball bat has remained the same over years and what has normally been changing is the material used to manufacture them and the price, with the old baseball bat being made of wood. With no organization to oversee manufacturing of bats, batters made different types of bats and most had a big surface area. The general thought was that the bigger the bat the massive the hit. This idea has duly changed and with different organizations being established to oversee the standardization of bats, now consumers can boast having magnificent games without any hindrance.

Different companies have popped up to incorporate necessary technological techniques which will allow production of different bat types. Although it is not expected for these cutting edge inventions to take place at once, these bats will begin to be used gradually among consumers. Below we will look at some factors that future bats will have.

Some of the new features are:

Thicknesses in the barrel

The next generation bats have incorporated science to this tool to ensure a better experience while playing. The thickness in this bat is well distributed and users will realize that around the barrel it’s a bit heavy and thick. This ensures it expands the sweet-spot.


One outstanding feature of the next generation baseball bats is durability. Over a multitude of many games these bats have withstood the test of time and games. When it comes to warranty, these bats are the real deal. Now on the market eason mako bat has good customer reviews .


Thinning out towards taper so maximum trampoline effect, the light design of this bat ensures swing speeds are high and also providing a better balance when compared to other old generation bats.

Vibration control

Many consumers will tell you how it a discomforting feeling when you hit a ball and you feel the vibrations from it. This has been more common when baseball recommended wood as the only bat that should be used. With the next generation baseball bats, several innovations have been added so as to reduce this shock effect.

One of the major challenge that has been affecting the next generation bats from hitting the market smoothly is the fact that baseball like any other sport players have different superstitions. This means they only adhere to certain routines, if they dare deviate they may believe that any loss that occurs on that day was caused by something they changed.

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