Have you ever wondered when your life is going to change? I mean really change. As each year approaches, we have a stirring hope inside that surely this will be the year that our dreams come true, our relationships improve, we are out of financial debt, our anxieties would ease, and the weight will stabilize. The resolutions are in place, the daylight is returning and maybe, just maybe, we'll open our eyes one morning with a sign, an epiphany, a kismet occurrence or revelation that will make everything seem *poof* magically different and better. Good luck.

So, this year, I have a new mantra. To get what I want, to change the circumstances that need changing, to make my life a better place to live I'm going to Tell It Like It IS. That's right. Simple enough, eh? Here's my theory...

We spend so much time communicating the way we were taught - polite, correct, without emotion, a particular tone, niceties and most of all, what we think others want to hear. Half of this protocol is appreciated and allows the world to function with order. The other half? Complete baloney. So many days pass without a single, meaningful or honest conversation. And the worst part? I find myself talking smack to MYSELF! My dreams, hopes, will and soul are clouded with a taperecorded sounding verbage of these same niceties or explanations that generally cover excuses, passions, feelings and that powerful lifeforce that burns in my well. No more. From here on, if you're going to talk to me, you're going to hear what is true. Not mean. Not rude. Not without compassion or PC, but TRUE. It's an attempt to do what I actually claim that I do so well - communicate. Live with purpose. Inspire. And I realize that so much goes undone by the mere drain of energy that it takes to keep up the b.s. of societal living. Explaining why to my family or friends. Talking myself into or out-of a new car/outfit/dessert. The self-talk and interractions with others that we call communication are simply not good enough any more.

I'm on a mission to live with purpose. To get what I want. To feel what happens in life, good or bad, and share my experience so that others can relate and vice versa. To walk a path of integrity that risks judgment. That's my goal.

I took a creative and financial risk recently, and re-created my website (www.AGirlNamedGuy.com). The old wasn't working for me and didn't inspire my passion. I didn't want to create or write on it, or even share it. Now? I can't wait to go to it each day and post new content. To say what I want, not what people expect. That's my voice and I'm going to use it.

I hope you find the power to Tell It Like It Is and let loose your creative genius that makes you thrive. To own your spirit. To release your thoughts and care. There is nothing more inspiring than to see truth in words, in art, in beauty. Let it rip.

Author's Bio: 

Leah Guy is an Author, Host, Producer and motivational Speaker. A passionista for inspired living. You can find her books at www.LeahGuy.com or her monthly column at www.ModernSage.com. She resides in NYC.