The video then jumps to NF as a garbage collector as he starts to rap his meticulous lyrics. the whole song is NF’s younger perspective, so he discusses his purpose and doubt from those around him. Verse one mentions this quickly:
Yeah, once I get older, you recognize what I wanna be?
Take a seat, let me tell you my ridiculous dreams
I wanna rap, yeah, I do know it’s hard to believe
And I can tell you’re already thinkin’ I will be able to never succeed
NF sets the scene about his rapping dream, knowing that the majority of people view it as “ridiculous” and doubt his success. However, he doesn’t need doubters’ support when he has his own as he continues within the verse:
But I’m okay with it, I admit the lyrics are weak
I’ve been workin’ on ’em, I’ll be good eventually
I understand you gotta crawl before you get to your feet
But I have been running for a short time, they ain’t ready on behalf of me
Like most success stories, time is important to “make it.” NF realizes rapping will take tons of diligence. Since he’s been “running for a while”, NF also believes he’s on the brink of something great. At the basis of it, rapping is his dream, not others:
And honestly, I'd not ever make a difference
But that doesn’t make a difference, I’ma need to risk it
Fueled by passion, NF Merchandise
obviously chose this different and difficult route of creating music. He chose to follow his dream:
I could attend college, get in debt like everybody else
Graduate and prolly get employment that doesn’t pay the bills
That don’t make tons of sense to me . . .
In the music video, he switches from a garbage collector to a janitor, symbolizing the plan to make a living while within the music video and lyrics for “When I Grow Up”, the third single from NF’s upcoming album, The Search, NF (Nathan Feuerstein) explores his childhood dream of becoming a rapper. He shows it wasn’t easy for him to urge where he's now.
His video starts with children answering what they need to be once they get older . Responses range from “I want to be a dentist” to “I want to be a policeman .” A young Nathan, or Nate, tells the room:
“When I get older , I’m gonna be a rapper.”
While the opposite kids said “I want to be . . .”, Nate asserted his dream. He knew he was getting to be a rapper and had faith in himself from the start . But not everyone else did. simultaneously performing at music. NF also introduces the chorus in his janitor outfit:
When I get older , I just want to pay my bills
Rappin’ about the way I feel (Oh, yeah)
I just want to form a few of mil’
Leave it to the fam within the will (Oh, yeah)
I just want to sign a record deal
Maybe buy a house up within the hills (Oh, yeah)
Might not be the simplest in my field
But I guarantee that I’ma die real
When I get older
NF’s younger self wants to figure doing what he loves and become successful for his family. He also knows that he isn’t the simplest within the music industry, but he’s pleased with the important music he creates. Nate will leave nothing unsaid and be completely honest in his raps, so he’ll die with no regrets and being “real.”

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Sophie Lyle is a staff writer at ‘The New Yorker.’