If you have a book to market you are missing thousands of sales if you ignore the internet as a means to market your book. Here are twelve ways the internet can help you make millions.

  1. Your own website. If you want to sell a book, whether you publish traditionally or self publish, electronic or print, you will need a website to help promote it. The world is becoming more and more dependent on the internet and it is often the first place we look when we hunt for information. If you do not have a web presence you are missing out.
  2. Forums, blogs, and social networking. Social networking does not mean that you have to have a page on MySpace. You do want to join relevant forums and maybe even host a blog of your own to establish credibility in your industry and to tell others about your book. Use your signature to promote your book as most blogs and forums do not permit blatant sales.
  3. Article distribution sites. There are a host of fantastic article distribution sites that will distribute your articles for free. These sites generate tons of traffic to your website but when you write an article you also enhance your credibility and it spreads the good word about your wonderful book.
  4. Online book sellers. Do not neglect sites like amazon.com or even the smaller online bookstores. While many no longer visit the brick and mortar bookstores on a regular basis, we do visit online bookstores. Take note that there are online bookstores that sell print books as well as online bookstores that sell electronic books, and of course there are bookstores that sell both.
  5. Do not think that because you are selling an e-book online bookstores are not an option for you. Do realize that you will likely have to share the profits from any sales via an online bookstore, but it’s still a great way to promote your book.

  6. Online book review sites. Online book review sites are fantastic. Amazon.com offers members the ability to review books and each good review is a guaranteed sale. Of course you will have to motivate people to leave good reviews, sometimes difficult to do, however with the proper incentive great reviews are excellent credibility boosters.
  7. Each good review is worth ten well written sales pages!

  8. Press releases. There are several reputable online press release distribution sites. Many of them are free and when your release is picked up by a news source your exposure sky rockets.
  9. Affiliates and joint partnerships. Use the power of others and their marketing skills to tell people about your book. Affiliates generally promote and sell your book for a percentage of the profits but it doubles or triples your exposure. Joint partnerships can be used in a variety of ways.
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