Niagara Falls on the Canadian Side

The Niagara Falls Canada tour is one of the favorite destinations to millions of visitors who visit it every year and make great memories. Niagara Falls is a city that is situated in the border of Canada and US. Just as the Rainbow Bridge is to the US border, Niagara Falls city is to Canada. Overlooking the Horseshoe Falls, the Niagara Falls is on the western side of the Niagara River on the Canadian side. There are elevators that carry the visitors or tourists down to a much wetter point just behind the falls.

There is also a park in this area where you can leisurely walk along the paved public way passing the 520-feet Skylon Tower that has an observation deck to get the best views of the whole Niagara region of Canada.

The Niagara Falls comprises three major waterfalls from which the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls are on the US side and the Horseshoe Falls is on the Canadian side. Out of these three waterfalls, the Bridal Veil Falls is the smallest.

Niagara Falls, a Great Destination for Fun Lovers

Several years back, family vacations and honeymoons were planned at the Niagara Falls, but currently it has totally become a fun cum vacation spot for majority of the visitors. Tourists coming to Toronto do not miss out to plan a Toronto to Niagara Falls Day tour.

For travellers coming from different countries to visit the Niagara Falls from Toronto, it is a spectacular sight and leaves them awestruck giving them an unforgettable experience of their lifetime.

The Hornblower Cruise takes you down the edge of the Horseshoe Falls and also gives a closer view of the Niagara Falls. If you do not want to take this cruise tour, you may watch it along the road through the Niagara Parkway that is quite parallel to the Niagara Falls.

Places to Visit at the Niagara Falls Canada Side

Some of the good and best places to visit while you tour Niagara Falls Canada are as follows:

1. Visit the Floral Clock at the beginning of the tour when you get down your private vehicle or tour operator-guided bus. Here, you can take beautiful and memorable pictures for yourself and your family or friends.
2. The Skylon Tower gives you the best views from an elevation when you go up the tower. You also can have a pleasant meal with your family and friends in the restaurant there at the top.
3. Next, take a tour of the Botanical Gardens and the Butterfly conservatory. It would be an educational tour for children and exciting for the age group of 3 to 6 years of age.
4. Queen Victoria Park is located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, opposite to the American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls. This place is the main parkland to stay and view the Niagara Falls.
5. Journey behind the Falls is located in the Table Rock Centre beside the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, run by Niagara Parks Commission.
6. Niagara Whirlpool Jet boat ride – This ride is for people who are adventurous. You can ride a jet boat that goes very fast through the Niagara waters.
7. Hornblower Niagara Cruises – This is an opportunity for all adventure lovers to see the Niagara Falls water very closely and experience the water droplets falling on them while on the cruise.

Like the above places, there are other places like the White Water Walk, Adam Beck Power Plant, Niagara Dare Devil Museum, Niagara Falls Illumination, Niagara SkyWheel, etc.

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Niagara Falls is home to one of the most stunning Natural wonders, however there is so much more to see and experience in Niagara. Our Toronto to Niagara Falls Day Tour will take you from the Falls to the stunning views of the Fallsview Buffet where you will be treated to a sumptuous meal overlooking the Niagara Falls. We then travel back in time to the picturesque town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. This quaint town still retains its 19th century charm from the Victorian era as well as it’s stunning architecture.
Toronto to Niagara Falls Tour is complete without visiting one of the regions many wineries, where you will get a behind the scenes look at how grapes are grown, crushed and pressed to produce some of the world’s finest wines.