Niche marketing is touted by many as one of the most effective marketing strategies you can use online and for good reason! Not only does this strategy have you focus on the least competitive markets but it stills allows you to build a profitable business as well! The best part is how 'subtle' this approach really is and following are 3 examples of the subtleties you can expect to experience and enjoy using this strategy!

Drive Traffic vs. Locate Community

Traffic generation is not fun, takes time and a lot of it and can even cost money! Worker smaller and less competitive markets however doesn't require as much emphasis on this aspect! The fact is that the greatest investment of your time and effort will go into locating these 'communities' therefore in a sense you do all the 'hard' work up front! Once you've found a small niche where people spend money you then focus on establishing your credibility with members!

Observe vs. Promote

Here is where one strategy 'stirs' the market with sales copy while the other simply observes what the community needs or wants! When working niches the most effective marketing tactic is to simply cater to the 'existing' needs of the people! In most cases these needs are apparent because they are one of the primary reasons and common bonds that has brought the community together in the first place! This is why patiently observing within these 'communities' is recommended since it is easier to address existing needs as opposed to creating them with sales copy! This subtle difference will make your efforts easier and more effective!

Offer vs. Push

Already knowing what niche members want turns your 'sales' efforts into mere offers! When working more competitive markets that are typically larger it becomes almost necessary to be more aggressive simply to get noticed! On the other hand you know other marketers are being equally aggressive which tends to increase the overall resistance people may feel towards making a purchase! This is why with a little research up front, it is definitely easier to build a profitable business in smaller niches!

Niche marketing allows for somebody to build a profitable business with less effort by avoiding the more competitive markets! The underlying 'genius' of this approach is that it focuses on tactics that are more subtle and thus prove to be a more effective marketing strategy when working online! Remember, the internet community is global in size and congested with marketers trying to get noticed! This tends to repel people or at the very least build up their resistance to any sales tactics! The 3 examples discussed above demonstrate the more subtle approach involved in working smaller niches and is why it tends to be a more effective marketing strategy for one to use!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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