When coaches resist to niche, they resist success. Most coaches who struggle do so because they have no defined niche. They fear they will limit themselves if they do. They don't want to be confined to one type of coaching. Many coaches wait for a niche to find them, wanting to see what comes their way. Or, they want to help everyone in the world, so why cut people out?

I'll tell you why. Because if you try to speak to everyone, you are speaking to no one.

If you want to be heard, if you want your message to get out there, if you want to have the greatest reach and make the most impact you MUST niche.

It's not always easy to identify a niche. It takes time and effort. Niching is an exercise in self examination. You have to be prepared to really look at what is important to you.

- If you don't know who you are talking to, you won't know what to say.
- For people to pay attention, you must speak to their greatest desires or sharpest pains.
- People demand experts and specialists. Not generalists.
- Your message won't resonate with anyone
- You waste lots of time, energy, and money marketing to the world

The benefits of having a tightly defined niche include:
- You will genuinely know and understand the pains of your clients
- People who are looking for the solutions you have to offer will find you
- You are seen as THE expert in the field
- one people will pay big bucks for
- You have fewer competitors
- Your marketing will become much more efficient, easier, and see better results

Narrowing down a niche does not mean you are narrowing down your possibilities. It actually opens up a whole new world of people that are already looking for you and know you have the answers they are willing to pay for. Quit gasping for air in your coaching business. Define your niche and breathe in success.

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Kathy Jo Slusher-Haas is a certified marketing and business coach who specializes in helping other certified coaches build their coaching empire. Interested in more tips to help you grow your business and market like an expert? Visit http://www.marketyourcoachingbusiness.com/Free-Stuff-.html for instant access to your own free Marketing Survival Guide.