Samuel Adebayo is a 30-year-old Nigerian who desperately needed a hip replacement procedure following a rather severe accident and hip dislocation. Unfortunately, he couldn't find the services he needed in his native land. Through PlacidWay, he found one of the best orthopedic surgeons and joint replacement facilities in the world; the Madras Joint Replacement Center, located in Chennai, India.

About Madras Joint Replacement Center
The Madras Joint Replacement Center is a leader in orthopedic treatments and procedures that restore flexibility and mobility. A popular destination for travelers from African countries, the Middle East, and North and South America, Madras Joint Replacement Center is on the cutting edge of orthopedic joint replacement protocols and procedures.

Young and old alike benefit from orthopedic surgeries around the world, restoring mobility, function and joint range of motion. The Madras Joint Replacement Center offers affordable, effective, state-of-the-art technologies and procedures to treat over a dozen knee conditions and injuries, hip replacements and stem cell treatment for bone and cartilage and other joint problems with long-term positive prognosis.

About Dr. V
Dr. Venkatachalam gained experience in joint replacement surgeries throughout the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Asia. Dr. Venkatachalam is an extremely gifted orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knee and hip joint replacement, having received qualifications from the University of Madras, Delhi University, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, and the University of Liverpool. He enjoys permanent registration with GMC in London, and with a DOHMS of Dubai, and UAE as a specialist in orthopedics.

"I am proud to be a pioneer in minimally invasive procedures for total knee replacement, deep bending knee techniques, bilateral replacements, and Unicondylar Oxford knee replacement procedures in the world," says Dr. Venkatachalam. So are dozens of happy patients like Samuel.

Samuel's Experiences in India
Upon his arrival at the airport, Samuel was pleasantly surprised to find staff from the Madras Joint Replacement Center waiting for him, relieving him of the stress of arriving in a foreign land with which he was unfamiliar. "The tests and procedures went very well," says Samuel, who states that he felt very comfortable with the attentiveness of staff and his care during his stay. Not many patients say that these days regarding a hospitalization and surgical procedure.

Following two months of rehabilitation, Samuel anticipates a full recovery and return to his formerly active lifestyle, without the pain and stress his immobility has caused. Samuel received an advanced ceramic on ceramic hip replacement to replace his hip joint, severely damaged in a car accident.

"Lack of medical facilities to treat such injuries is unfortunately fairly common throughout Nigeria," states Pramod Goel, CEO and president of PlacidWay, and international medical tourism resource and provider. "PlacidWay is happy that Samuel found the quality care he was looking for, and deserved, and is now well on his way to restored mobility and function."

The ceramic on ceramic hip replacement procedure is one of the newer technologies in hip replacement procedures, offering biocompatibility and resistance to long-term wear and corrosion.

"Hip replacements have an 80% chance of lasting at least 20 years," says Dr. Venkatachalam. "These days, joint replacements are designed to glide smoothly without causing pain, friction, or damage caused by normal wear and use."

Samuel is glad to hear about that, and twice as glad to get back to his daily activities, thanks to PlacidWay and the experience and expertise of Dr. Venkatachalam.

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