How Did NLP Change My Life?

As an entrepreneur, I was forever searching for the next big wave, the next big thing, the magic bullet or some hidden secret that would skyrocket me into the entrepreneurial heaven. A place where all successful entrepreneurs hang out and sip on pina coladas, relaxing by the poolside in their million dollar homes with the trusty laptop by their side.

For years i was searching for that breakthrough I needed to get me to where i wanted to spend the rest of my days relaxing and enjoying life. I guess it was also a pursuit for happiness, for me but what I realized in the process was, the more you search externally, the more you come up with nothing more than jumping from one opportunity to the next, hoping that the next one would bring you the success you desired.

See, this was me before, I was unsure how to quickly grow your business, stuck because of analysis paralysis, frustrated because I bought lots of marketing information but my results didn't improved, struggling with a lack of motivation, battling perfectionism bringing my progress to a standstill, I was unable to overcome procrastination, disappointed with the payoffs from the projects frustrated with the money i was making and the growth of my business, disillusioned because i thought didn't have the resources I needed to succeed, I wasted a lot time searching for a breakthrough that would immediately impact my income, overloaded with the number of areas I had to learn, problems I had to solve, and actions I needed to take which resulted in BURN OUT.

After all the frustration and anguish, i had to step back and analyze my efforts and action or lack of action around, why my efforts did not get me the results I wanted.

I discovered it was my thinking, my mindset that prevented me from achieving the success in life i so truly desired. That's when i came across NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming. At First, I thought "What the hell is NLP all about?" and I couldn't even pronounce it right.

What I learnt is NLP is a model of communication. So? Well, based on how we communicate with ourself and others, when can change our thinking in a way that allows us to be in control of our thoughts, state and behaviours and therefore re program our mind for entrepreneurial success. It's a model that allows us to model excellence of others and install that within ourselves. I find it's bunch of cool techniques that we can apply and implement in our life that allows us to make changes easily and effortlessly.

See what i realized all along was, my thinking cap was on backwards. I thought in order to be successful, you had to just find the right opportunity. I was wrong! I had to change what was going on inside me, my thinking, my emotions and my behaviors. I can tell you NLP changed me. NLP helped me change my thinking so that I was able to focus on the right things that would improve my business results.

See, I've always been passionate about personal development and striving to be the best that I can be, and NLP has empowered me to do that. It was all about becoming who I needed to be in order to achieve what i wanted in life and business.

NLP taught me the 5 principles to success, which I will go over in the next article, so bascially, the success principles in NLP is know your outcome, take action, have sensory acuity, behavioral flexibility and always operate from physiology and psychology of excellence. What's that all mean? I will go deeper into what they mean and give you examples in my next post.

So, my point here is NLP is an excellent model for understanding our we operate and how we can change our actions so that we can consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes. In order to change your results, you need to change your thinking. That's how NLP change me.

Later on I will go into other NLP techniques that helped my overcome procrastination, help be become totally motivated anytime i wanted, help me change beliefs that limited my progress and success and so much more, so stay tuned.

Author's Bio: 

Kevin is first an foremost a expert in change and a passionate entrepreneur. He is a Certified Trainer in NLP and Time Line Therapy(tm).