Have you ever felt that time seems to fly by? Or else, move along at snail’s place?

Do you sometimes find yourself you overworked with so much to do and not enough time, at others you’re bored to tears and feeling the tick of every second.

If yes, it’s probably thanks to lack of time management!

Honestly, you are among the many, who wish there were 48 hours in the day because 24 hours always seem too little. If you were to practice NLP though, you’d find our current earth day just perfect!

What Kind Of Time Manager Are You?

The NLP approach to time management is that there are primarily two kinds of people those who operate ‘in-time’ and those who operate ‘through-time’.

Those who operate in-time are usually unaware of the passage of time, they live in the moment and have no concern for following a timeline.

A good-example of being in-time would be going from one website link to another without paying heed to any nature of time constraints.

Those who operate through-time are very conscious of the passage of time and thus indulge in some amount of planning.

An example of this would be a person choosing to spend the next free half-hour, browsing through his favorite social networking site before dinner.

People belonging to either category could lack the ability to manage time well. However, through-timers are usually able to streamline their activities and manage time well, by using some simple techniques.

It is the in-timers who need more innovative means of managing time.

NLP Life Coaching Tips For Better Time Management

The first is activating the attitude of self-reflection where you think about your thought-process; by doing this you’ll soon be able to transform your thinking from ‘I can, but…’ to ‘I should’, to ‘I must’, to ‘I will’.

The second technique is developing a motivational mechanism so that you are constantly inspired to perform the required tasks in hope of some returns.

While many people do think about such motivating factors, more often than not, they lose sight of them whenever tired or distracted. NLP tools help create a stronger foundation for keeping motivation alive.

NLP also teaches one to be single-minded and firm in any action such that distractions and time-wasters remain at bay.

Many people have, in fact, found NLP to be extremely effective in addressing their time management issues.

If you feel you too need help in that regard, you should consider taking up an NLP life coaching program focused on improving time management capabilities.

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Sharlene Licciardello is a trainer at NLPPowerTraining.com -- A website dedicated to Neurolinguistic Programming based Australian business coach , life coaching and leadership coaching programs.