You might be wondering how NLP persuasion techniques can change your life. First things first, NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It basically involves influencing change over yourself and over the rest of the world from within.

NLP persuasion techniques have gained massive success over the past few decades, and are now being used in a lot of self-development and therapy sessions. Want to know how to use them effectively? Keep on reading...

NLP Persuasion Technique # 1: Know What Makes People Tick.

Knowing what people like and don't like is an important aspect of NLP persuasion. Since this kind of technique is more subtle, it also has a greater chance of succeeding.

For example, if you want to get a rich old man to donate money to a certain charity, you won't get him to part with his cash just by asking him to (unless he really is the charitable type).

However, if you knew what his weaknesses are (for the sake of proving a point, let's say he has a weakness for beautiful women), you can use them to persuade him to make a donation. Ask one of your prettiest volunteers to do the solicitation or casually remark that women go crazy over charitable and distinguished tycoons.

NLP Persuasion Technique # 2: Invest in Camaraderie.

The word camaraderie is very important in the field of NLP. If you're the kind of person who has no problem chatting up with strangers on a train or a bus, then you probably have excellent persuasion skills.

Also known as building rapport, building camaraderie with people gets you a free albeit temporary pass into their circle of trust. Use your skills to your advantage and don't look back.

NLP Persuasion Technique # 3: Anchor Your Emotions.

The great thing about NLP persuasion is that most of the tactics involved aren't too complicated at all. One example of this is anchoring. Anchoring is basically associating a particular emotion with a gesture, sound, vision, etc.

Case in point: Lila-an introvert who always gets a bad case of yips right before a presentation. In order to help abate her nervousness, she sings Top of the World by The Carpenters because it makes her feel safe and carefree. Turns out that she and her mother used to sing it all the time!

You, too, can attach certain emotions to certain anchors. Just make sure to reinforce the connection plenty of times to cement the association.

NLP persuasion techniques are important breakthroughs in personal development. They help you become a better person and in turn, help you influence others as well.

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