A question we are often asked is 'What is NLP and how can it help me?'

Well, have you ever felt, or thought, that your life sometimes feels like being in a tunnel, that you're somehow being held back, with no clear way out? Or have you ever wished that you could get over a childhood fear, phobia or memory, that still haunts you, even as an adult?

NLP has been a lifeline for many people, helping them to make a bridge across an often stormy sea, to a once distant, brighter shore. It's like someone finally gave you subtitles to the film of your life and personality, so that you can understand it.

It may not be that the people who taught you were wrong, or even misguided in their advice, perhaps it was just that their way of thinking didn't suit yours. If theirs is the only guidebook you've ever had for understanding your emotions, your reactions to things, then is it any wonder that you sometimes feel as though you are not quite in control?

What NLP does, is to give you a different viewpoint and new ways to understand and cope with the things that may happen and the situations, both new and old, that crop up in all our lives. It also gives you the power to take charge of your life and to recognise and act upon the choices that you can make.

Imagine having been shown how to walk up the staircase of life and, having mastered it, just keeping on looking down at your feet, as you put one in front of the other, as that's all you were taught. It gets you there, but you don't really have a clear idea of where or why you're going, or understanding of your goal or destination.

Imagine then, if someone were to suddenly put you on an escalator, where you could look up and see exactly where you were going and be able to look around and enjoy the view too.

Have you ever looked at someone you know, or just a stranger in the street and thought 'I'm as smart as they are, so how come they're more successful'? Well, that was how NLP started, back in the 70's. Two colleagues, a computer programmer and a linguistics professor, studied some of the most successful people in America at that time, from all walks of life. They looked at just what it was that made them and their lives different. Just what was it that they did differently?

The results found in the answer to that question, formed the basis of what we now know as NLP. There's nothing weird about it, it's not a cult that you join, nor is it some technical, jargon filled set of instructions, from a 1950's psychiatrist's or 1970's social worker's handbook.

If you feel like you've been treading water, or that now is the time to take charge of your life and begin to achieve the things that you want, then NLP is perfect for you.

Both myself and my partner are qualified in NLP and find it helps those whom we are mentoring, to develop their businesses successfully.

Have a look at our site, http://www.julianandamanda.com to find out more about what we do and how we can help you now.

Author's Bio: 

Julian Wolfendale is a certified Practitioner of NLP, TLT and Hypnosis.
He is also a published author, who's latest rock n roll book, yeah baby, was featured at the 2010 London Book Fair, as well as being a successful internet marketer and a founder member of The Six Figure Mentors online business community.