If your blog traffic isn't what it should be there are many possibilities as to why you can NOT get visitors to your platform! More times than not this problem stems from innocent oversights on your part and is merely part of the process of learning how to blog!

Here are 3 common reasons why you may be having difficulty getting traffic to your blog!

Updating Sporadically

If you are updating either infrequently or inconsistently this could definitely have an impact on the traffic to your blog! In order to get visitors to your site they need to see some sort of posting 'history' that will indicate as to when any new updates can be expected! It is important to realize people have an unimaginable amount of choices for reading material on the internet! If they feel your platform is unreliable in terms of posting updates, your platform will be quickly forgotten!

Off Topic Posting

One of the most important aspects you need to focus on when learning how to blog is to keep your content relevant! This is to say that the topic around which your blogging is built must, in some way, be reflected in the entries you post! The traffic to your blog will consist primarily of ONLY those who have an interest in this topic and if you don't offer something of relevance, people will lose interest! Always keep your posts relevant in some way because it's a heck of a lot easier to lose readers than it is to get new ones!

Failure to Promote

Yes it is true that blogs can very easily attract search engine traffic however you'll need to do more than publish a new post and call it a day! Search engine traffic is great, and highly targeted, but you should not put all your eggs in one basket insofar as relying upon this source for all your traffic needs! Visit other blogs in your niche for new ideas and while you're there leave a comment along with a link to your site! Also take advantage of the ease of use and popularity social networking sites have to offer! The traffic potential at these online communities is absolutely astronomical and must not be ignored or overlooked!

Blog traffic does not start to simply 'materialize' once you launch your site but rather requires special efforts to get visitors! Now these efforts are not difficult or exhausting but are more or less just part of the process involved when learning how to blog! In fact in most cases there are 3 common reasons as to why you are not getting much traffic to your blog as we discussed here today! Once again these are not mistakes you've made but rather oversights you may have innocently committed! Here too it's all about learning how to blog which requires more of your patience than mastering complicated new skills! The point here is in order to get visitors to land on your platform, your efforts as a blogger need to be consistent!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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