I thought I’d never speak favorably about this trace mineral, especially since it has been known of being toxic. This trace mineral, Mercury, certainly has a history. A composite of it was used in the MMR and had been noted to cause possible neurological disorders. By the way, it is no longer being used. However, it does manage to show up in trace minerals at a micro amount; otherwise, it certainly wouldn’t be listed as being one of the more than 70 minerals we need for optimal health.
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Mercury is an extremely rare element in the Earth’s crust, having an average crustal abundance by mass of only 0.08 parts per million (ppm). Mercury has no known biological use. However, it is widespread through the biosphere and the food chain. Mercury is toxic to the human body, causing tissue damage, debilitation, and eventually death if ingested often or in large amounts.

However, in the past, it had been used to kill most of the parasites that prey on humans. In the days before antibiotics, people who were infected by syphilis or other deadly diseases could get some relief from their symptoms by taking medicines that contained Mercury. If they did this on a regular basis the mercury would eventually kill them, but they probably lived longer (and more comfortably) than they would have lived if they had not taken the Mercury.

That’s about the only benefit that Mercury has for the human body. For a number of years, we’ve used antibiotics, and not medications containing Mercury. However, as we have been told, antibiotics are having less of a success rate in curing known diseases. So, who knows? Perhaps, the use of Mercury in medications might become an alternative.

Therefore, it makes one wonder, especially myself, Mercury must have a job to perform when combined with other trace minerals. Could it have something to do in helping the human body fight off certain diseases and we just haven’t been informed? Well, that’s certainly something to ponder over.

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Disclaimer: I am an avid reader with a craving for learning about life itself, especially when concerns health, happiness, outer and inner beauty. I am not a medical professional. I am just someone having a need to share what I’ve learned and discovered.

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