It’s easy to become quite confused when it comes to trying to understand ‘why’ certain trace minerals, some known as toxic are even listed. But as I have stated in my earlier articles, the more than 70 trace minerals tend to work together and many cannot be taken as an individual supplement such as Beryllium.

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Beryllium if breathed in, can cause all kinds of health problems. However, this micro-trace mineral works with other trace minerals and must have an important role since it is found in human soft tissue. This is just a guess, but maybe it has something to do with the fat found in our body. Now, I’m not talking about it making us fat, but in helping to provide some cushion for the bones in our bodies and perhaps for our joints, as well. Now, that is just merely a guess, but it’s obvious that if Beryllium is found in our soft tissue, it must be there for a reason and certainly must be replenished.

The other trace minerals I would like to mention are Bismuth, Europium, Samarium, Cerium, and Gold. Of course, I find gold rather interesting as a trace mineral, since I think of it like silver, something I’d like to wear. However, a minute trace of the mineral Gold is known for helping to reduce joint inflammation.

Bismuth is known for helping to reduce ulcers, Europium enhances normal cell growth and extends life, while Cerium helps repair tissue damage. The most fascinating two trace minerals found in this listing are Samarium and Cerium and that’s because both of them are known for possible cancer prevention. Not only is Samarium known for help in cancer prevention, but it also helps to enhance normal cell growth and to extend life. A deficiency in Samarium can result in hearing loss, male pattern baldness, and poor growth.
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Disclaimer: I am an avid reader with a craving for learning about life itself, especially when concerns health, happiness, outer and inner beauty. I am not a medical professional. I am just someone having a need to share what I’ve learned and discovered.

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