Understanding what makes up the fountain of youth continues in the understanding of the following trace minerals: Cadmium, Uranium, Gallium, and Vanadium.
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Cadmium, in a very tiny amount, is known for being essential for human growth, when it is combined with other trace minerals. However, free Cadmium does have a bad rap, since it has been known for causing hypertension, cancer, and immune disorders. Cadmium, an air pollutant from cigarette smoke, industrialization, and population growth has been implemented in learning disabilities. Unlike lead, which has a short half-life in human tissue from 30 to 100 days, Cadmium has a half-life of 10 – 30 years.
Gallium is a very important trace mineral in that it modulates the brain’s chemistry. It reduces the rate of brain cancers and tumors, too.

Vanadium has recently been declared by some scientists to be essential for good human health. It is believed that Vanadium is involved in helping the body convert some foods into energy. Vanadium enhances the absorption of zinc, copper, and iron. It has also been suggested that diabetics may benefit from Vanadium when trying to stabilize blood sugar levels. This element is also thought to help bones and teeth form properly.

Yet, in excess it can decrease hormone production and selective protein deficiency. In addition, Vanadium toxicity produces symptoms similar to respiratory tract infections.

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