In these series of articles about trace minerals, my goal has been to share what I have discovered about the importance of trace minerals and how necessary they are in one’s diet. In this article, I will discuss the following minerals along with what they contribute to a healthy diet: Sulfate, Potassium, Sodium and Bromine. Sulfate is known for helping to fight against blemishes and acne. Potassium keeps the body functioning and without it we die. Sodium helps to form blood plasma, while Bromine helps to aid sleep and to eliminate insomnia.

Sulfate or Magnesium Sulfate, commonly known as Epsom salts, used in a solution has been shown to be an effective aid in the fight against blemishes and acne when applied directly to problematic areas. When used as an agent in paste, it helps in dehydrating boils, carbuncles, and abscesses.

Potassium, is a crucial, life-saving trace mineral for our cells. The human body is made up of millions of tiny cells, such as brain cells, skin cells, liver cells, etc. These cells make up the different organs in our bodies. Potassium is extremely important to cells, and without it, we could not survive. Potassium exists primarily in intracellular fluids (the fluid inside cells). Potassium stimulates nerve impulses and muscle contractions and is important for the maintenance of osmotic pressure.

Potassium regulates the body’s acid-alkali balance, stimulates kidney and adrenal functioning and assists in converting glucose to glycogen. Potassium is also important for biosynthesis of protein. Potassium, the third most abundant mineral in the human body, is the synonym for health insurer. It contains the qualities for maintaining a high level of human well-being and a cheerful life. Apart from acting as an electrolyte, this mineral is required for keeping heart, brain, kidney, muscle tissues and other important organs of the human body in good condition. Potassium Chloride is the main variety of this mineral amongst others. It works in association with sodium to perform a number of critical body tasks.

Now, when it comes to the element, “Sodium,” it also vital to human life. Together with Potassium and Chlorine, it forms a very important part of blood plasma. Without Sodium, our cells could not get the nutrients they need to survive. Sodium also allows our bodies to maintain the right blood chemistry and the correct amount of water in our blood. This element also allows our muscles to contract normally. Furthermore, our bodies need Sodium to digest the food that we eat. Normal functioning of our nervous system also depends on this important element. Sodium regulates the pH of intracellular fluids and with Potassium, regulates the acid/alkali balance in the body. Sodium and Chloride are necessary for maintaining osmosis and electrolyte balance.

Since we all need sleep, it’s a must to know that the element, “Bromine,” helps to aid sleep and to eliminate insomnia. Unfortunately, Bromine is known as the element most easily leached from soil, but can be found in the ocean basins.

Disclaimer: I am an avid reader with a craving for learning about life itself, especially when concerns health, happiness, outer and inner beauty. I am not a medical professional. I am just someone having a need to share what I’ve learned and discovered.

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