Nutrients are vital for the body’s existence on this beautiful world of ours, otherwise we would not continue to live and grow. Never take your body for granted, nurture it, cosset it, for it has to last the whole of your lifespan, far better to live daily life in tip top condition, rather than always popping to the doctors, who inevitably give you chemical based pills, usually with more side effects than benefits.

What are nutrients? Chemicals that the human body needs to live and grow, which help to repair its tissues whilst providing heat and energy to regulate its processes. Most common nutrients are carbohydrate, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Of course there are others and if you have found this article of interest please feel free to drop by my website and read my blogs.

If you eat a healthy nutritious diet that includes rice, beans and dried peas, potatoes, bread, pasta, fruit and vegetables (carbohydrates) this is the body’s energy source. Eating beans, eggs and meat give you the required protein which build and repair tissues. You can obtain fats (the correct type of fats) from meat and dairy products as well as other sources.

Vitamins are important for cell metabolism and come from eating vegetables. Another way of obtaining nutrients is by the fluids which we drink, such as water. The most common nutrients include carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins which have been mentioned in the previous paragraph, but you can also put oxygen down on the list too, for without it, we would not breathe.

Most nutrients are absorbed into the small intestine, once there they are transported into the bloodstream and then on to other parts of the body, either to store or support the bodies daily processes.

Remember that digestion begins in the mouth and it is the saliva which helps break down the food even before you swallow. If you are a person that does not drink at least 8 glasses of water a day your mouth may not be able to produce enough saliva. Difficulties already! Drinking water whilst eating is not a good idea, neither is putting the wrong type of food into your mouth.

Drinking whilst you eat prevents natural salivation of acidic juices and digestive enzymes together with diluting what our bodies produce, this stops the first step of digestion from taking place properly. If you have a tendency to eat to fast then stop, for we are sending down the wrong foods into our pipes, that has not been chewed enough, therefore giving our stomach problems.

The whole idea of eating nutritious food is to take the time to enjoy the different tastes and textures in your mouth whilst chewing, take your time and savour everything before you swallow.

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