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I want a Long Ting .... on my head that is!, naturally long flowing tresses and if you ask most women regardless of their heritage they want the same, we would like to throw away our extensions, they cost to much time effort and money to maintain but are a necessary evil because afro hair can be difficult to manage, we can't just wash and go! Having said that you can and should endeavour to make your natural hair grow even if your are not comfortable wearing it out the hair beneath you braids, weave, wigs should be of good quality, and unless your are born with "Good hair"! this is something you will have to cultivate and yes it is possible to have thick long hair of whatever length you want to grow it to but it requires a Labour of Love, time, effort and dedication.

In my search to grow my own hair and improve thickness I have spent enough money to take a round trip around the world twice!, there are a lot of products that promise you there earth but don't deliver! I won't name them because I don't believe in negative publicity but I will point you in the direction of what is PROVEN to Work because I use it!.

Ultrablackhair products actually work and they are good value for money visit the website where the founder discusses her products and also gives lot of positive feedback and advice on how to take care and maintain your hair regardless of how you like to wear it.

In addition to using a hair product that actually improves the quality of your hair, and this applies to boys as well, we all know guys who wear their hair long, you can take a herbal supplement!, herbal supplements are simply GREAT because they are natural and they work in harmony with your body, Radiant wonder and native remedies sell go quality remedies you can try Native Remedies ReGrow Plus, 50 ml you can and should read the testimonials on their website.

If ordering online seems a chore walk in to any chemist and ask for Perfectil Hair, Skin and Nails, don't be put off by the price because this is an investment and if you use it long term you will see an improvement in your Hair, Skin and Nails! Perfectil is available all over the world to buy over the counter.

Remember your hair is your crowning glory! for more guidiance, tips and pointers Kagem Tibaijuka of Charcoal Ink (a natural hair business blog) has compilied a list of the Top 5 hair blogs online visit my sisters for advice and information @ the sites listed below!

By the way Ting is slang for thing, just in case you were wondering!

Good Luck!

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