Headaches and migraines do have similar traits. There are ways to distinguish between the two.

Tension headache is the most common which results in pressure on both sides of the head, together with aching at the temple, back of the head, scalp and neck. Experts have suggested that this causes a change in brain chemicals mostly caused by stress.

A headache, gives little to no warning and can vary in severity from mild tension to searing pain. Muscles of the face, neck and head contract, which reduces blood supply and therefore produces pain.

At the beginning of a migraine, is a temporary side vision loss. It can either deliver a burst of energy or a draining of energy, plus a degree of susceptibility to light and sound. An ordinary headache does not have any of these.

On the plus side headaches can be treated with over the counter tablets at the chemist, no need to visit the doctor. You could also choose to go the natural remedy route. Please visit “Life is a Journey”, register and let me know what information you require.

The main concern and need for worry is if the headaches become continuous, this may well be signs of a different problem altogether.

Migraine is a severe pain which is followed by sensory warning signs.
Flashes of light
Blind spots
Tingling in the arms and legs
Increased sensitivity to light and sound

The excruciating pain that migraine gives to our bodies can last for hours and in some cases several days.

During this migraine attack an artery enlarges. The artery is located on the outside of the skull, just under the skin of the temple. This releases chemicals, which cause pain and inflammation.

Some people, who suffer migraines, identify certain factors that cause the pain, but unfortunately many cannot do this.


Dairy products
Eating too much chocolate
Eating too much cheese (particularly late at night) contains tyramine. As does red wine, smoked fish, figs
Physical or emotional stress
Changes in sleep patterns
Cannot stand the light
Cannot deal with loud noises
The smell of certain odours
Allergic reactions
Missing meals or dieting
Smoking or having exposure to smoke
Hormone fluctuations
Tension and Stress

The symptoms of migraine can occur a little before the pain, during the pain and after the pain. Not all people experience the same.

Can’t stand day light or bright lights
Severe throbbing pain

The goal is to prevent symptoms by avoiding or changing the triggers.

How much sleep do you have?
Have your sleep patterns changed?
How severe is the pain
When do your headaches occur?
What have you eaten?

Women should make a note, during their menstrual cycle. Best to keep a dairy, always good if you should need to visit the doctor. At least you will be prepared.

Many factors can be associated with bad headaches, ranging from something simple such as a sinus problem to something much more serious as a brain aneurysm.

Take a good hard look at your lifestyle to see what changes could and should be made.

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