What happens in Greece is not staying in Greece.

I’m back in the States after a week-long vacation with some of my dearest friends who also happen to be mastermind and joint venture partners.

In between touring Athens and Delphi we sat around a huge villa overlooking the sea while we masterminded (brainstormed) about being more effective in our businesses. The topic of setting revenue goals for program launches came up and that’s when I got totally resistant. Keep reading because this may change the way you set your own revenue goals.

Every year I set revenue goals based on doubling my numbers from the year before.

I like to double my …

* Revenue
* Profit
* Mailing list subscribers
* Number of people in my programs
* And more

It feels like a game that is fun and stretches me into new territory. More often than not, this strategy works well for me. But when I don’t double my numbers I feel disappointed. Which means I’m attached to that goal (of doubling the numbers), which is never good for profit attraction.

In my last big launch I did not double my revenue. I barely beat the numbers from the year prior. I appreciated that I did better than the previous year but I also beat myself up for coming nowhere near my targeted goal.

My mentor was at the villa with us and pointed out a flaw in my goal-making process; that’s when I got resistant.

He said, “You might want to make your minimum goal less than your numbers from last year. What if you’re testing a new strategy that doesn’t quite pan out but you learn something valuable that will help you in the next launch after that?”

Huh? Lower my standards?! Never.

But after some coaching I saw that he was right.

I was so rigid about my revenue goals that I wasn’t fully appreciating all the small successes along the way. If my numbers fall short of the BIG goal, I still need to keep celebrating my progress.

Self-judgment messes with my ability to attract more revenue.

I wasn’t giving myself any permission for setbacks, learning or, do I dare say it … failure. There’s no way to win if I’m not flexible.

I adjusted my launch revenue goals for next year. I decreased them and instead of feeling like a loser, I feel empowered. I’m still setting myself up to double my numbers, but I’ll be celebrating - whether I make that goal or if the numbers stay the same as the previous launch.

This may be my happiest year ever now that I’ve ditched the judgment!

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