Second-hand smoke has been a major health concern for many years now. People are very vocal about having a smoker passing on second-hand smoke to them or their children in public places (or anywhere else) - and rightly so. People who do not indulge in smoking are simply less than thrilled about sharing their breathing space with anyone who opts to smoke. The issue of second-hand smoke is also of major concern when smokers share living space with vulnerable individuals such as asthmatics or children.

With e-cigs, all those concerns and protests are greatly reduced to almost nil. There is no harmful smoke, but rather a vapor from the e-cigs device that eliminates that problem. The quality of air containing e-cig vapor was measured using a high-tech equipment, and compared to the measurement of air that contained smoke from tobacco cigarettes. The results revealed that the vapor was measurably cleaner than the cigarette smoke.

The Better Option

This result would indicate that the electronic cigarettes are the best option when it comes to making a healthy choice. It is no doubt for this reason e-cigs are allowed in some airports in the UK and even on some flights. It has been known for a long time that air that is free of tobacco smoke is healthier/cleaner than air that contains this smoke. This was proven by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) during a test they conducted on November 23, 2012.

The aim of the test was to gain a measurement of the air quality in airports where smoking was allowed in certain areas. The results showed that the air in smoke-free airports was of a much better quality than that in airports where smoking was allowed.

Both air quality tests that were mentioned here show that the vapor from e-cigs did not cause the quality of the air to deteriorate at the rate that tobacco smoke did. The vapor does not have the same negative effects as the smoke, and therefore shows that e-cigs are more friendly, both environmentally and health-wise.

Most of the harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke filled air will not be found in air where e-cigs were used. This further proves that the health risk presented by second-hand vapor from e-cigs is basically non-existent, as opposed to the harm done by second-hand smoke. This means that vapers are no destroying the air quality when they vape, and therefore are not endangering the health of those around them when they smoke.

No Smoke Second-Hand Smoke - No Risks

An electronic cigarette does not pose any discernible health risk to members of the public because its by-product is vapor and not smoke. This should dispel any notion that may exist that e-cigs should be banned like tobacco cigarettes because they pose a risk to those who inhale the air in which the vapor is emitted. It anything, the recent studies have shown that it is safe to allow vapers to use their devices in public places.

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John Wycliffe is a blogger who writes about healthy living and lifestyle choices on a variety of blogs. She has been using e-cigs for more than a year.