My passion is to show folks that everything is energy. You are energy--your body, your thoughts--everything around you is energy. Of course money is energy also--a different form of energy. In learning that everything is energy, we must come to see that in our relationship to any energy we are using is either Power or force.

To illuminate the difference between Power and force, I have a true story for you:

Justin is 39. He has had some notable success as the world defines it: income, recognized by his managers with promotions, a house he was proud of, and a car that he dearly loved to show off.

Like most of us, he wanted to do more, learn more, and be more. He had a feeling deep down that surface now and then. He would quickly talk himself out of this feeling--the sinking feeling that everything he was doing was impermanent. He asked one of the awakening questions: "Is this all there is?"
Because everything is energy, when one is courageous enough to ask these deep spiritual questions, the Universe answers.

Despite his rave reviews and appreciative customers, he was surprised at being released from his job when the company tanked. His chattering monkey-mind had not allowed him to see the writing on the wall. He kept trying to make the situation work--and what he saw going on around him meant something else.

Like most of us in Justin's shoes, he did not know what to do, so he used rationalization, minimization, and excuses to deal with the influx of disturbing data. He stopped sleeping, got heartburn frequently, was short-tempered, and even lost the enjoyment of his sweet ride. (This is known as leaking energy!)

Fast-forward 18 months. The Universe answered Justin's question, "Is this all there is?" with a big fat "Nope! There is so much more!" Justin works for himself now. He was forced to at first, but now he sees is as the gift it is. Those customers who loved him now contract out to him. He makes just as much money and he has three times as much 'free' time. That is one of the strangest things about 'these economic times:' companies do not want employees on the books so they have to pay higher prices to contract the help they need.

Justin's new life and company did not happen by accident.

When Justin lost his job, the conversation inside Justin's head regarding the 'impending doom' he initially felt went something like this: I am nobody who anybody wants. Everybody is looking for a job. Who am I for them to consider?"

Yes, of course his rational mind knew that he had skills and talents. Yes, he had evidence that he was a valuable contributor to his company and their bottom line. However, when we know nothing except the force way of doing things in life, we are very fearful. We try 'being very organized' and 'staying on top of everything." When those 'real world' strategies so not work, we are at a complete loss.

Monkey-mind goes into overtime, chattering away about all the things that the five sensory perceptions think it sees and knows.

When Justin and I first talked, I asked him the tale-tell question of monkey-mind in hyper-drive: "Do you feel like your thoughts are thinking themselves? Like your mind is running and you can not turn it off?"

"It is worse than that," Justin replied. " I want to cut off my head to get away from it!" So we started our work together with Power Choices: awareness, uncovering the 'old' money story (Justin's paradigm was needing an employer who was "stable!"), identifying energy leaks, learning to trust the Immutable Laws of the Universe (like always seeking harmony and balance)--just to name a few.

How did he make the leap to where he is today? Power!

Power is being on top of the wave.

Force is being pounded by the wave.

There is always a wave. Energy is always in motion. It is either Power or force.

Would you prefer being a Somebody with Power, or a nobody with force? I am sure I can guess which one you would prefer. I know I prefer being a Somebody with Power. The more I ride the top of the wave, the more grateful I am for being there.

What about the times when I am being pounded? All I have to do is consistently remember I AM Somebody, and I choose Power. Sometimes I need to make this choice five times in an hour or in a day if monkey-mind is really feeling chatty. AND I always end up back on top of the wave--sooner rather than later.

Monkey-mind will never tell us that we have a choice--because to monkey-mind life is happening to us.

Awakening to our Power means we do choose.
We choose Sustainable Prosperity.

I'm doing my best to practice, and I invite you to join me? What have you got to loose--being pounded by the waves?

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Karen Monroy holds a PhD. in psychology, and a Masters Degree in Economics and Business.

"I teach, write, and guide clients to Sustainable Prosperity." says Dr. Monroy, who is a pioneer in the field of Spiritual Psychology, and Nuero-economics.

Dr. Monroy explains to clients the structure of their minds--from a neurological, psychological and spiritual perspective clients learn to work WITH their own nature, not AGAINST their nature.

Dr. Monroy teaches Money IQ Skills, Money EQ skills and a spiritual basis for moving through the world of form. Dr. Monroy believes all of us learn about these concepts in the world of form (or Earth School as she calls it) as one aspect of our spiritual path.

Dr. Monroy is the author of an award-winning book: 30 Day Money Master Mind Makeover. Her upcoming book (scheduled release is October, 2009) is a children’s book about money: Mommy, What is Rich?

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