Nokia E6, the ultra compact smartphone, offers the technology and features that can satisfy the business people who frequently upgrade their phones with new ones. The E6 has simple entertainment features as well.
For Nokia, the focus, it seems is now on developing business phones and they are quite successful in delivering some of the best handsets to the corporate world that relies largely on its gadgets for multitasking. The new Nokia E6 is primarily a business phone with main attraction being the full QWERTY keypad that is nestled right beneath the screen. Slightly raised keys are elegantly divided and well spaced into four rows with the bottom row dominated by a large space bar as it does on laptops. The keys on E6 promise ease of writing messages even for the clumsiest of hands.
What is pleasing to see with Nokia E6 is its ability to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook. Outlook is considered a vital tool for business people because it merges emails, contacts and calendar together at one place. E6 Outlook programme does more than just delivering mails. It will update the phonebook with new contacts automatically and remind the user of his upcoming appointments. Microsoft Outlook is the exclusive feature of E6 that is in no way inferior to your laptop.
Yet another Microsoft programme available on Nokia E6 smartphone is Communicator. This specific application empowers the handset to create, edit and share PowerPoint, Excel and Word documents. For smooth Internet surfing experience, the mobile has inbuilt 600 MHz ARM 11 processor and Symbian Anna operating system. Business user would be delighted to know that the phone has everything that can facilitate high speed data transfer. On E6, one can not only create or edit files but also send them to different web addresses without consuming much time. With Nokia E6 in your palm, you can do business as usual wherever you are.
Communication has a new synonym and that is social networking. For some just voice call is enough but there are users who look beyond video calling. If offline is not an option for you then E6 is the best option for you. Its WAP 2.0/xHTML Browser provides high speed and hassle free Internet access with which one can actively take part in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking websites. Nokia E7 is equally committed to entertainment as it is to the business. To start with, the phone has intriguing games and classic music features. It can store many songs and videos and also tune in to FM radio for live programs. From social networking to gaming and from music to camera, the phone is crammed with entertainment features.
The 8MP camera with fixed focus and dual LED flash takes clear pictures. Additionally, there is a secondary VGA camera for video calling. An area that has been dominated by Nokia mobiles is their excellent design and superior built quality. The new Nokia E6 is another sequel of fashionable phone from Nokia. It weighs just 133 gm and its small case elegantly houses the big keypad. Once you feast your eyes on E6, you will never like to keep the phone out of your sight. It is the best device you get to appreciate your business skills.

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David Martin is a skilled writer for writing valuable reviews on upcoming gadgets & mobiles. Nokia E6 mobile is another superior device from Nokia according to the writer. Compare all available Nokia phone deals on various online shops of UK.