Non-profitable organizations do not run to earn a profit as they run for the welfare of humanity. The basic and prime purpose of such organization is to help the local communities in need by providing them with all the basic amenities of life. The government sometimes fails to fulfill all the needs and requirements of the society and therefore such organizations come forward to support and share the burden of the government and ensure that people are provided with proper education, health care facilities and basic amenities.

Non-profitable organizations always look for ways to raise money and support their respective operations. School fundraisers are considered as one of the most important support as one can find multiple fundraising ideas to help with Non Profit fundraising.

In general, fundraising can be defined as coming up with a good idea that will engage potential donors and can have a high success rate. Funds are needed when there is a social or a Nobel cause to promote like we often see in charity fundraising or some campaigns are run under the name of Medical Fundraisers, Adoption Fundraisers, Pet Adoptions /Rescue Fundraisers, Church fundraisers, Elementary School Fundraisers, Marathon and Walkathon Fundraisers, Camp Fundraisers, PTA Fundraisers etc. to encourage people to donate for a social cause.

Technology has also played its part in contributing to the social causes. The advent of new technology helps one to explore better ways to help raise the funds one need. Here are some quick and creative ideas for the schools to raise some money and have fun at the same time.

a. Arrange a bike-a-thon

Ask the participants to join the team and ride to a common goal. The school can easily organize a cycling event inviting children, parents, teachers, principles and coaches. The cycling event can be a great exercise and can support the physical education goals while raising money for the good cause. The parents can ride with their kids, a teacher with their classes and a great team can be built. Children can enjoy the vent while raising fund for a noble cause.

b. Schools can organize dance competition

Organize a dance competition, ask the participants’ to stay on their feet on the dance floor as long as it is possible. Students can register for the performance while friends and family can pledge a small donation to encourage such cause and extend support to a successful event. Dance event can be organized in different forms depending on the interest and skill set of the children.

c. Trivia competition

Organize a quiz competition with challenging questions either related to general knowledge or related to the school and its history. School or universities can even involve their alumni for the participation and provide them with a platform to show their love and gratitude towards the school, faculty while remembering the good old days. The trivia show can be made fun by integrating different activities to make it fun for the audience as well as the participants.

d. Debate competition

This is an idea to get folks talking – literally! Think of it like the trivia competition idea, but in this variation, teams are sponsored to debate various topics. The teams or individuals that raise the most money can earn interesting perks, like, choosing a debate question from a list of topics, or choosing who gets to debate first. The top fundraising team can even decide which side of the debate they want to be on.

Such small activities can turn into a good fundraising activity. Schools can often integrate such activities with the routine and can organize interesting events while collecting fund for some noble cause.

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