Studies have shown an empirical link between playing violent video games and aggressive behavior particularly when the individual plays for prolonged periods. Recent examples of such link are Adam Lanza, the killer in the Sandy Hook in the Connecticut massacre, and Anders Breivik, the perpetrator of the Workers Youth League massacre in Norway, both of whom have been obsessed with violent video games like Call of Duty. Fortunately, non-violent video games like Kick Buttowski games are becoming increasingly popular in the market so parents have yet another reason to rejoice.

Why Let Your Kids Play Video Games

But why let your kids play video games in the first place, violent or non-violent? After all, plenty of options in educational yet enjoyable games exist such as hopscotch, jumping rope, and hide-and-seek, all of which provide for physical, mental and social benefits.

Don’t dismiss video games! These games have their fair share of benefits that kids and parents will appreciate, said benefits of which have been proven by scientific studies. These benefits include:

• Children with attention deficit disorders benefit through improved concentration, attention and focus since video games require all of these skills to advance from one level to the next. They also gain social skills especially in video games like Kick Buttowski games that require teamwork.

• Kids develop their sense of creativity and imagination especially when the video games involve colors, graphics and fast action.

• Children improve their motor skills including hand-eye coordination and visual acuity from playing the games.

• Kids develop their skills in solving problems as well as in motivation, cognition and comprehension, all of which are essential in academic and extracurricular activities.

• Children gain a stronger sense of self-confidence from their online victories, which translates to a better person in real life.

Of course, parents also appreciate the fact that many kid-friendly video games are teaching their children good values like teamwork, compassion, and empathy. When parents also join in on the fun by playing the likes of Kick Buttowski games with their kids, then family time is complete and we all know the benefits of family time by now.

Why Parent Supervision Is Essential

But even with child-friendly games, parental supervision is still a must especially for small kids for several reasons. Parents must be nearby to answer questions (i.e., how to play the game), to explain potentially tricky situations and to ensure that, indeed, the kids are choosing the appropriate games for their age level. Parents should always be aware of their roles and responsibilities when letting their children play online video games.

Parenting experts recommend non-violent games like Kick Buttowski games for kids for obvious reasons. For one thing, children are highly impressionable so much so that whatever they see on television shows and online sites can easily influence their thoughts, feelings and behavior. Parents must take all necessary measures to ensure that their children are exposed to good values until such time that they can make their own judgment. For another thing, children learn more skills and values when playing age-appropriate games like Kick Buttowski video games. Their learning levels are just right for the demands of the game.

Parents, the next time you are looking for non-violent games, try the Kick Buttowski games and see if your children like it and they probably will since these games are based on the popular cartoon character.

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