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That’s the name the world’s most famous book of prophecies goes by. And it came by no pen of a prophet either—it came, instead, from a French physician. The works of no 14th century French physicians are as revered and as deeply analyzed as this particular work—and for good reason. Conveniently ignored for the longest time in history, the book finally emerged when people started realizing the physician might have been onto something.

And it wasn’t some 10, or 20, or 100 prophecies either. That monumental book houses some 6,338 prophecies—enough to last every person’s lifetime here on Earth. His prophecies are all set to cover ground until the year 3790—some might wonder if humankind and this Earth will even live to see the sun rise on January 1st, 3791.

Why We Must Take Nostradamus Seriously

Nostradamus did, for instance, foretell the rise of Hitler to power—imagine how different the world would have been if only we had listened to him then. He predicted, among other things that the world would have benefited from avoiding the Second World War. Then, of course, there was the great fire that engulfed London in 1666—which Nostradamus also predicted. And let’s not forget how this French man also predicted America’s greatest tragedy—the September 11 attacks.

One of the major reasons why Nostradamus was always supposed to be taken seriously was that he wasn’t just a random physician. He was much more: he was an astrologer. His prophecies, now having been proven in the right, have continued to affect many people—have continued to convince them to the point where Americans have begun hoarding food supplies to prepare for the Great Famine which Nostradamus also predicted.

When this number of people believe in something—and when that something also has historical backing to prove its veracity—it’s time to treat it with a lot more respect.

The Imminent Zombie Apocalypse

Let’s quote the prophecy straight from his book before we look at it in a more logical light. Here’s what it says:
“Few young people: half−dead to give a start.

Dead through spite, he will cause the others to shine,

And in an exalted place some great evils to occur:

Sad concepts will come to harm each one,

Temporal dignified, the Mass to succeed.

Fathers and mothers dead of infinite sorrows,

Women in mourning, the pestilent she−monster:

The Great One to be no more, all the world to end.”

“A few young people,” is how this particular prediction begins in his book. Of course, we know now that the pandemic did begin by affecting a few young people. These few young people, Nostradamus says, would be “half dead to give a start.” Of course, the first thing that we must understand when talking about prophecies is that they aren’t always literal—except for in films made by the Coen Brothers. In real life, however, prophecies are more figurative and symbolic—which entails, therefore, that this condition of half-deadness, or partial demise, more aptly describes the spread of a sickness that has rendered humankind meek and weak. Does that sound like an illness you know of?

Next, the prophecy claims they’ll die “through spite.” Now, of course, that isn’t how the virus has killed people—spite is hardly a symbolic term best-suited for upper respiratory tract infection—unless the current pandemic was deliberately caused by a lab-created virus to harm humanity. However, we did see, throughout the last year, how the pandemic sowed the seeds of spite among the wretched of the world. “Sad concepts” did come to harm each person living or dead. And while it did seem, “temporarily,” that we had redeemed ourselves, the “mass” did “succeed.”

Are “fathers and mothers mourning” the loss of their young ones? Yes. Are women in mourning? Most definitely. All that remains to be seen, of course, is whether or not the world is set to end.
The question to keep in mind about this is, if humans would not choose to end the world, who would do such a thing? As for zombies…

Can the Zombie Apocalypse Happen?

The Walking Dead fans might cheer, but the prospect of a zombie apocalypse is hardly a cause for celebration. The question that we really should be asking is whether or not it’s possible for a zombie apocalypse to break out.

Let’s, first, talk about what a zombie really is. Right off the bat, it’s a corpse. A dead body. It’s the undead—much like vampires, but less attractive in terms of their portrayal in mainstream film and TV. The easiest way to describe a zombie is to describe a braindead corpse that feeds on other people—and that, if we’re looking at it from a figurative point of view, makes some sense.

What can eat the brains of people enough to cause a zombie apocalypse?

The bacteria toxoplasma gondii. Of course, this parasite already affects humans—even as our immune systems keep it in check. But what if there was a global pandemic that somehow managed to compromise our immune systems? That sounds very familiar, now.

Even if we don’t consider the possibility of a literal zombie apocalypse, there’s the possibility of a symbolic zombie apocalypse. Brain-deadness can also refer to being controlled by a kind of hive-mentality—as if something outside ourselves was in control of our minds. That sounds an awful lot like mind control.

If this entity is controlling the collective brains of men on Earth, they could, in effect, prey on unsuspecting victims. The predation, of course, won’t be as gory as that depicted in Zombieland—but while these zombies won’t be feeding on your flesh, they will be feeding on your mind.
In that sense, it might be that we are in a state of zombie outbreak already. Already, we exist in a state of brain-deadness: people are, as a matter of fact, growing dumber by the day. Not only that, but we’re also growing more selfish, and are likelier to prey on others for our own gains.
That sounds suspiciously like a zombie apocalypse actualized.

What About a Human Clone Apocalypse?

What if human clones are being prepared and programmed to attack humanity by extraterrestrials? An army of soulless robots that are intelligent but emotionless, devoid of morality, and following any orders they are given could create a perfect zombie apocalypse.

Nostradamus Channeled

If you’re interested in more Nostradamus predictions, check out the time he was channeled by spiritual healer and channeler Karl Mollison. Get the new ebook on the Dark Alien Agenda. You can also ask the Creator a new question on your own.

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