What is Bariatric Surgery?

It is a branch of medicine or surgery which encourages weight loss by adjusting or altering the anatomy of digestive system and thus restricting the amount of that is eaten and digested. In layman’s term it is commonly called as the “WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY”

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

It is a branch of medicine that modifies the look of a physical feature, defect or irregularities.

Now let us discuss some major differences

Bariatric Surgery

1. It is a weight loss procedure for obese people when all other weight loss techniques fail.

2. Main aim is to help lose weight and adapt to healthy lifestyle.

3. It deals with the digestive system.

Cosmetic Surgery

1. It is a procedure for superficial structures.

2. Main aim is to enhance a person's apperance.

3. Mostly deals with patient with traumatic injuries like crush injuries like crush injuries to the face.

Now, that we know and understand the basic differences between Bariatric and Cosmetic surgery let us now discuss why a person is forced to opt for such procedures and the major cause for this is OBESITY.

Obesity in layman’s term is a condition of being excessively fat or overweight. It is a lifestyle disease caused by consuming a diet rich in fat foods and lack of exercise.
So an obese person goes through a lot of health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, diabetes and the list goes on.

Imagine a person who cannot bend to tie his shoelaces or cannot go to the bathroom because by walking a short distance he/she gets breathless or has a knee pain.
Bariatric Surgery is a technique sensitive surgery, and is only advised by the physician when all other weight loss techniques fail.

Proper and thorough evaluation of a patient is done before the surgery, even after the surgery adjusting to it is a long process and the patient is constantly monitored.
Therefore it is true that bariatric surgery is completely different from cosmetic surgery because this is far from a procedure with purely aesthetic goals.

Bariatric surgery addresses the problem of obesity at it’s root by decreasing the overall body fat(visceral fat and under the skin) whereas in cosmetic surgery visceral fat stays intact which is a major cause for high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, etc.

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