If you're not making money blogging and you've been at it a while there are typically some common reasons that make this the case! The most important thing to understand is that an internet marketing blog serves two primary purposes, one that focuses on readers and the other on the goals of the internet marketer! Of equal importance is to recognize that without loyal visitors you have no way of earning an income therefore a bloggers top priority is in creating content that attracts and retains people!

Having made the above points let's examine 3 common errors an internet marketer tends to make when using a blog to earn an income!

Inconsistent Effort

Bloggers whether they intend to make money or simply gain a large and loyal following need to maintain their focus on creating content! In doing so their efforts need to be consistent and NOT whimsical mainly because people want to know what to expect! Operating an internet marketing blog this consistency is even more important since you're goal is to get these same people to make purchases with you! If they can't count on you how do you expect to win/earn their business?

Weak Commitment

The responsibilities of an internet marketer and a blogger are very different in terms of the effort and thus the commitment needed to succeed! Having a successful blog is much like rolling a boulder up a hill, every break in effort results in losing ground! Traditionally however online marketers do NOT necessarily have to be as committed to the efforts they invest for fear that they'll lose momentum since they can generate traffic when wanting to generate income! This lack of commitment can easily sabotage the effectiveness however of a blog in terms of sales!

Always Got Their Hand Out

For the internet marketer who chooses to work on a blogging platform it's important to curtail their typically aggressive 'mindset' of constantly promoting! Pushy sales tactics that place readers needs second to making money will stall or even destroy any chance to develop a properly functioning internet marketing blog! This platform requires a give and take that results in the blogger 'giving' more than they take! In other words serving the readers interest is the MAIN priority and once that has been successfully done your selling efforts will be more effective! It is important to note however that this approach be maintained for the life of the site if earning a steady income is your desire!

For those not making money with their internet marketing blog the reasons are often common and easy to remedy! For starters the internet marketer needs to recognize their readers are NOT arriving at the site to be sold a damn thing! Their primary interest is in the information the site offers therefore of chief importance is creating content readers find worth their visit! Understandably most marketers are 'gun ho' about earning an income however when blogging this can NOT be their top priority! The 3 common errors that limit people from making money on their internet marketing blog are discussed above! These errors are all related to a lack of consistently creating content thus placing income before reader satisfaction! By placing the interests of the people who visit your site first and foremost you'll find your blog can be the 'cash cow' you hoped for!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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