Frustrated because you're still not making money using the internet as your primary business platform? Well before you decide to call it quits perhaps a little 'honest' self evaluation may be in order to help you determine why you have not been successful online!

Here are 5 behavioral patterns that may help explain why you've had little success so far in earning an income online!

Not Enough Effort

If you're truly serious about making money than get serious about running your business! If you're not willing or are reluctant in any way to invest a quality effort, you will find little success marketing on the internet! Having an unfocused and/or lackadaisical approach is not the way to be successful online! In fact this type of approach is what increases many marketers frustrations resulting in them quitting! Focus is what is needed and without it you do not stand a chance at building a steady income for yourself!

Not Investing the Time

Marketing on the internet offers you no guarantees other than if you intend to be successful online you'll need to invest the time! Most people have an understandable aversion to working for somebody else simply because they have little control! On the other hand given the opportunity to gain your financial freedom by using the internet as your business platform does require your hands on involvement! Now that you're the 'boss' you'll need to put in the time necessary to not only grow your business but to also be sure it is running smoothly on a day to day basis! If something is out of line it is your responsibility to discover and fix the problem!

No Consistency

Many people feel that the 'internet lifestyle' is one where you invest the effort only when you're in the mood or have a spare moment! This inconsistent approach will simply result in inconsistent results thereby you will likely have little success in developing a good income! People are people, online and off, and if you do not display the consistent effort needed to address both their needs and those of your own business, you will fail!

Ignoring Strategies That Work

Trying to 'reinvent the wheel' when you have access to already established and proven strategies only creates more work for you! One of the single biggest factors that causes many aspiring marketers to have little success online is they don't get into profit quick enough! This leads to a growing frustration and them eventually throwing up their hands and walking away! If you're intent on being different, display that in your brand or perhaps the goods and services you offer!

Avoiding Risks

Typically those who are the most successful online are the ones who took risks others were reluctant to take! Now this does not means to jump 'head long' into something without first investigating whether it is a plausible idea or not! What is being said here is simply that just because it has never been done does not mean it is impossible! After a little due diligence on your part you can make the decision as to whether you want to take the risk and pursue something others have not! One thing is for certain and that is your competition will be minimal! History has shown that the biggest successes were the result of an innovative mind!

If you're not making money with your online business platform and you've been at it for a while perhaps you're the reason why! In order to be successful online you'll need more than to simply establish a presence with a website or blog! Remember, it's a business and YOU must work it, which is why the 5 behavioral patterns discussed above may be the reason you've had little success up to this point! If you feel any or perhaps all of the 'behaviors' discussed above may describe you, than congratulations because you may have just solved the problem as to why you've had little success thus far! Now it's simply a matter of what you intend to do about it! The choice is yours!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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