No more New Year’s resolutions!! No more thinking about projects to finish, exercise classes to start or diets to loose that same ten pounds. Baby Boomers, parents, career professionals; we all strive for better health, less stress, being more organized. A great solution for a Great New Year is to clear the air and to forget about you, start thinking about others. To do this, you have to put two things in place.

First, get rid of all the things that are draining you of energy. If you have a bunch of unanswered emails or notes to write, then finish or delete them. If there are piles of papers on your desk, filing to be done or organized, maybe some areas needing to be cleaned or things to throw away, do it. Are there places in your home that should to be fixed or repaired? Are there areas in your closets, your yard, your car that need to be worked on? These are all “tolerations”; these thoughts are draining your energy.

Are there volunteer commitments or regular meetings that you honestly don’t have your heart in anymore? Resign from that responsibility and move on. Other opportunities for involvement will come up and you’ll do a better job when the time is right. Make your list, put a deadline on completing the project or making that phone call and then, whether or not it’s done by that date, move it off your “to do list”. If you haven’t done it by then, then let’s not even think about it for awhile. Take it off your shoulders and out of your mind. Move on, don’t think about it, don’t talk about it.

Next, get rid of all the people that keep you in a negative place. Put them out of your life if you can or at least out of your mind. You can’t control how they think or act, so if they’re not healthy for you, then try not to allow them into that place in your heart where they can be hurtful. If you have to have a relationship with them, then make it at a level that is healthy for you – remember boundaries? Remember staying in a place of “charged neutral”? Think of how this person affects you. How do you feel when you are around them? How do you feel when you walk away from being with them? If it’s not positive, then they’re off the list, at least for awhile.

Now that you have “cleaned house”, the second thing to do to have a Great New Year is to start making it a habit of thinking about someone else, BEFORE yourself. What can you do for others, that would significantly be positive for them? There is always going to be a person or a family member that could use your help, a visit or a “surprise” to brighten their day. Start making a habit of living with your heart and eyes open – opportunities will always present themselves. What can you do for the world around you? How can you make a difference? Have you ever seen the movie “Pay it Forward” – wonderful – do it!

Take care of yourself, try to simplify your environment and carefully choose those you allow in your life. Try to spend the majority of your time on others. By doing these things, you will be energized, spiritually embraced and strengthen ten fold.

Happiest of New Years

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Carolyn Bates is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Personal Life Coach specializing in successful life transitions and retirement for Baby Boomers and people 50+. She is recognized as a Professional Personal Life Coach, Author, Published Writer, Group & Workshop Leader. Coaching Life Design writes a monthly newsletter, has an interactive website and continually creates and offers teleclasses focused on the challenges of creating the life you want.