Derived from the Ginseng plant root, ginseng tea is immensely popular in connoisseur of flavored teas and teetotalers as it can provide a number of health benefits. The root comprises of certain naturally occurring chemicals known as ‘ginsenosides’ that have given the tea its unique properties. While ginseng grows in different parts of the world, the tea originated in Korea and was made from the Korean variety of the plant. The beverage has gained popularity all around the globe as an herbal drink. One serving of ginseng tea contains 11 calories and 3gs of carbohydrates. The tea can be made from three varieties of ginseng, each of which is beneficial for human vitality and health.

The three types of ginseng used for making tea are:

• Asian Ginseng: This ginseng is known as Chinese or Korean ginseng and it is grown in Far East Asia.

• Siberian Ginseng: This one is grown in Northeast Asia and has different properties than Asian ginseng.

• American Ginseng: Grown in North America, this type is well recognized and you can find numerous brands of this variety such as HSU ginseng tea.

The notable health benefits of ginseng tea are:

- Lowers Blood Pressure

A strong beverage, Asian ginseng tea is extremely effective in people suffering from hypotension. Ginseng tea keeps people active throughout the day as it is an energy drink. It keeps them on their toes by giving an energy boost and keeping blood pressure normal. Fatal strokes can also be prevented.

- Fights Obesity

Ginseng tea is useful for those who are interested in shedding some pounds because it helps in correcting dietary habits. The herbal tea works as a natural appetite suppressant, which can prevent snacking. Moreover, it burns fat at a faster rate and boosts metabolism, making it an excellent remedy for fighting obesity.

- Relieves Respiratory Problems

Respiratory issues can also be dealt with by drinking ginseng tea as it reduces inflammation and clears blockage. It is a wonderful remedy for cold, flu, cough, asthma, sinuses and pneumonia. It can also give your immune system a boost.

Health Benefits of Black Tea

- Skin Care

Ginseng tea can be helpful in rehydrating and refining your skin because it maintains the fluid balance in the human body. It is also effective in lessening injury and pain that occurs due to radiation therapy. Your skin looks healthier and younger with the antioxidants in ginseng tea as they can keep can free radical activity in check. Additionally, ginseng tea can also reduce blemishes, age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.

- Improves Digestion

The secretion of pepsin in the body is increased when you drink ginseng tea, which can aid in better and improved digestion and gives relief from flatulence, bloating, constipation and Crohn’s disease.

- Reduce Stress

One of the most notable benefits of ginseng tea is its ability to help people in de-stressing. A hot cup of ginseng tea can pep up anyone’s mood as it improves blood circulation and calms the nervous system.

There are a ton of other health benefits of ginseng tea and you just need to brew a hot cup to enjoy them.

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