Notes for better skin in dry weather will be the main content of this article, please keep reading in details.
Skincare always plays an important part in the daily timeline of most women especially in winter – the period of dry air, which can make your skin dry and cracked. Therefore, in the framework of this article, we would like to bring to you some tips below that can help you avoid that. Do not forget that this article is only for the informational purpose, and not aimed to give medical advice. Hope that after reading those, you can have your own suitable notes for better skin in dry weather.

1. Do Not Wash Your Face Too Many Times
If you are not very familiar with skin care, we highly recommend you to remember this notes carefully or better take it as the top notes for better skin in dry weather. Many people who feel their skin too dry often have a bad habit of washing face or flushing water on their face to moisturize the skin. However, this habit actually only makes the skin drier, especially when you wash your face too much with tap water. Because tap water often contains chlorine, fluoride, and chemical compounds, the ingredients that make your skin become even drier. It is very important to remember to wash your face at most 2 times a day. Particularly for people with very dry skin, those all only should wash face once a day before going to bed in the evening to clean the face. A trick to keep your skin soft and smooth, especially when you are working in an air-conditioned room is to bring a kind of cosmetic called the mineral spray to apply on your face when you feel dry.

2. Drink A Lot Of Water
This can be the very first note for better skin in dry winter because water is extremely essential for your body as well as your skin. In addition, to help purify the body, water also helps to smooth and firm skin. Especially in dry weather, your body will need more water, so drink at least 8 cups of pure or boiled water every day. Moreover, you can supply water for the skin through eating fruit, vegetables, etc. However, be careful to avoid drinks containing many stimulants, acid like coffee, carbonated drinks.

3. Do Not Wash Your Face With Hot Water
The second one that you should take into your notes for better skin in dry weather is that do not wash your face with hot water. Warm water has the effects of first dilating the pores to help your skin breathe better, and then regulating blood circulation in the body to create a feeling of freshness and healthy. Nevertheless, you should not use hot water because the high temperature can result in a risk of damage to the epidermis of the skin, and from that, the faster air release will lead to dry skin.

4. Enhances Good Food For Dry Skin In Daily Meals
In addition to nourishing and protecting dry skin from the outside, you should also pay attention to foods and drinks that help avoid dry skin. You should increase the amount of protein and vitamins from foods that are rich in essential oils such as flaxseed, walnuts... to fight dry skin. In daily meals, you should add vegetables and fruits to provide enough vitamins and minerals necessary for skin to keep the skin bright and smooth. At the same time, you also should limit to drink alcohol and alcoholic beverages because they will make your skin faster aging and become drier.

5. Mask For The Skin During The Dry Season
No one can deny the wonderful effects that mask especially natural masks can bring to us and our skin. Thus, using masks regularly during the dry season will be another important note for better skin in dry weather. Applying masks is also an effective way to provide collagen, vitamins, and moisture to the skin. Not only that, some types of the mask also work to remove dirt and give us the clean and airy skin. We can use some kinds of very useful vegetables such as carrot, aloe, radish, cucumber, etc to make homemade masks.

6. Regular And Deep Care For Skin
Dry weather causes the amount of water and nutrients needed for skin depletion so the aging process is much faster than normal. This causes a lot of dead skin cells, if we do not have measures to remove them, the lotion cannot penetrate deep and promote the inherent effects. You can use some types of moist lotions for winter and fall. The vitamins A, E, C are in the lotions work to help fight against aging, promote the regeneration of new cells, restore the herd.

7. Protects The Skin From The Harmful Effects Of The Environment
Besides moisturizing the skin, another note for better skin in dry weather that you need to pay attention to is the humidity of the air in your home. When indoor windows are closed to avoid the outside wind, the indoor air becomes drier, so your skin will dry out. Therefore, using an indoor air humidifier is an effective way to take care of your dry skin. Or simply, you can put a small pot of water to enhance the humidity of your room, especially on cold winter days.
No matter which season it is, you all should take care of your skin meticulously so that you could keep your beauty remain with the time. The above notes are all that we want to bring to you in this article. If you have any question, please leave a comment below.

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